Father's Day Gift Idea: Ready, Set, Grill!

If you are as busy as I am, then you may not have had time to think about Father’s Day, let alone prepare for it. I feel your pain. If your husband enjoys grilling, and in the interest of helping you prepare, I have collected a few articles to help you get ready for a Father’s Day barbecue and other fantastic barbecuing opportunities.

Father’s Day can be a great excuse to kill two birds with one stone and get that new grill or barbecue tool he has had his eye on. Giving the man of the house a grill for Father’s Day is not only a great gift idea, it’s also motivation to fix up the patio for upcoming national celebrations in July. Presentation is everything you know. If you are going to give him a new grill, then the patio ought to be ready for parties when you give it to him as part of the presentation of the gift.

Clean Off the Patio

First off, take a good look at your patio. How’s it looking? We have 9 tips to guide you through cleaning and setting up your patio to get it ready for hosting parties.

“If it has been a while since you have cleaned off the surface of your patio, you may need to use soap and water to brighten it up again.”

Refinish the Surface

After you have cleaned off and set up the patio, you can look at the needs of your patio. If the surface is looking like it needs a refinish, you may want to look into getting that done in time for July celebrations. Call a professional now and set up an appointment to so you can host the neighborhood Canada Day or 4th of July barbecue this year.

Clean the Patio Furniture

Next, look at your patio furniture. If you don’t have any patio furniture, it might be time to invest in some. If you already have patio furniture, how’s it looking this year? Most patio furniture needs a good cleaning at least once a year.

‚Äč“Clean off your patio furniture so using them is not hazardous to your clothes. Do your research before you start going at your furniture with a hose. Some surfaces require special treatment and attention to keep them looking bright and to avoid damaging the materials.”

Recover Seat Cushions

After a while the seat covers may have faded or maybe you’re just board of the pattern. Check out this great guide to recovering your patio furniture.

“Are those chevron print seat cushions just not doing it for you anymore? Before purchasing a new set and forking over a large wad of cash (seriously, even cushions at the big box stores are pricey!), check out this handy DIY for drawstring seat covers.”

Research Your Options

With the Patio all setup, it’s time to go pick out the perfect new grill as the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the best dad in the world. You may need to do some research on what kind of grilling gear to buy. Epicurious.com has the ultimate list to help you get on the right track before you start shopping.

“Like indoor cooking, outdoor cooking requires the right equipment. When you’re just learning to grill, you only need a few key pieces. But as your repertoire expands beyond burgers and steaks, you may want to add additional accessories for cooking fish, vegetables, pizza, and ribs.”

Bring Home the Grill

Now that your patio and everything on it is clean and beautiful, it’s time to roll out the shiny, new grill to present it to Dad for Father’s Day.

After all this work just think of how much easier it will be to set up for the next barbecue party. Plus, the man of the house will likely want to show off his new toy to the neighbors. This will make your cooking job easier so you can focus on making dessert.

Don’t Forget the Meat!

Finally, just because you have a new grill, here is a grilling recipe for grilled lamb chops you can tryout together for Father’s Day dinner.

“When you (or your dad) (or both of you) are finished grilling the chops, you’ll be faced with a big, delicious platter of meat. Y’all can go HAM on that if you want to, or you can round it out with some herby rice, or maybe a chickpea salad.”

It’s looking like your man is going to have a great Father’s Day this year. Plan lots of backyard barbecues so he can put that new grill through its paces.

Have fun!