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  • Difficult Colors to Paint Over (and how to beat them!)

    For years, you might have felt that bright yellow, teal blue, or neon orange-colored paint on the walls looked amazing and served its purpose. Maybe you chose a particular paint color because you ...
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  • 5 Reasons Not to DIY Paint

    You are ready to update your home with a fresh coat of paint, and now you are weighing your options between do-it-yourself (DIY) and hiring a professional. Consider these 5 reasons we suggest that you ...
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  • Paint Colors Inspired by Mardi Gras

    It is common knowledge that Mardi Gras translates to “Fat Tuesday”, because it represents the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Partygoers live it up for a week leading up to the big ...
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  • Why Do We Have A Favorite Color?

    It’s that moment when you’re deciding what to wear to work… and it hits you: 90 percent of the shirts in your closet are a variation of the same or a similar color! You had no idea that you were ...
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  • Paint The Room You've Been Putting Off

    With painting rated as one of the most oft-tackled home-improvement projects, it may be on your mind to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint or transform your kitchen or bathroom with a vibrant new ...
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  • Ultimate Guide to Water-Based Paints

    This is the third of three in a series of "Ultimate Guide" to different types of paint. Click for the Ultimate Guide to Oil-Based Paint and Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Paint ! Early paints were ...
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  • Paint Your Own Gift Wrap

    At Five Star Painting® , we are crazy about paint! And even though painting gift wrap isn't a service we offer our customers, we want to show you how paint can help you create beautifully customized ...
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  • Paint Colors Inspired by a White Christmas

    “I’m dreaming... of a High Reflective White SW 7757 Christmas” – errr, wait a minute. That’s not what Bing Crosby sang. But if you have ever been in your local paint store looking for “white” paint, ...
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  • How to Dispose of Leftover Paint

    We store leftover paint in our closets, basements, garages and other spaces because we may need it for a quick repair or to add a splash of color. Sealed correctly, latex paint can last for as long as ...
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  • 6 Fall Projects to Wrap Up Now

    We all have a lot of ambition for projects we would like to accomplish around the house - especially after the summer months cool down and turn into the nice, autumn weather. However, things like ...
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