Themed Bedrooms: Harry Potter

Now that the last Harry Potter movie has been released to theaters, many fans are thinking, “Now what?” This decade long journey of watching Harry, Hermione, and Ron grow in both literature and film has provided a magical escapeĀ  for millions of children and adults. But, as many fans have recognized, it doesn’t have to end. You can bring the mysteries of the wizarding world into your own bedroom by following a few of these simple ideas.

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1. Let you’re house loyalties fly. If you were to wear the Sorting Hat, which house do you think you’d be placed in? Ravenclaw? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? Use the mascot and house colors to decorate your room with wall color, accent pillows, curtains, rugs, and so on. There is plenty of Harry Potter merchandise floating around, so you can even hang a flag or banner on your wall. If you’re not sure which house you would belong to, take this Sorting Hat Quiz. Dickson Wang on Shelterpop shares Enchanting Rooms Inspired By Harry Potter’s Four Houses.

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Here’s a quick break down of the house mascots and colors.

Ravenclaw: Eagle, Bronze and Blue

Slytherin: Serpent, Green and Silver

Hufflepuff: Badger, Canary Yellow and Black

Gryffindor: Lion, Gold and Scarlet

2. Owls. You don’t have to be a witch or wizard to have an owl as your companion. Select one or two to perch in your room.

Photo courtesy of thisnext

Photo courtesy of thisnext

3. Four-poster bed or canopy. The Hogwarts dormitories have four-poster beds made from rich, dark woods and velvet canopies. While such a sleeping arrangement seems like a dream come true, you can opt for a cheaper alternative by making your own canopy, as shown on Sewhooked. Rather than have Harry’ Potter’s face stare at you from your pillow and sheets, you can opt for a comforter that evokes the ancient art of astrology.

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4. Trunks. Whether you use them at the foot of your bed for storage, or as a table to hold your Harry Potter replicas, a trunk gives your room an eclectic flavor appropriate for the wizarding world.

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5. Paint the ceiling to look like the sky. Take a cue from Hogwarts and bring nature into your own room.

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6. Hang a Quidditch broom from the ceiling to make it look like it’s flying.

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If you’d like a traditional, European, hand-made broom, visit BrenWood Forge & Brooms.

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7. Pick your favorite Harry Potter location and themes your bedroom off it. For instance, you could pick Gringotts, Hogsmeade, Dumbledore’s office, etc. Watch the films with a keen eye and take notes on what details you see, then try to incorporate the colors and props into your own room. She Knows Home & Garden provides a break down of several beloved Harry Potter sets, such as the Wesley’s house, and provides ideas on elements to incorporate into your own room.

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8. Stencil quotes from the books onto your walls. For a list of inspirational Harry Potter quotes, visit J.K Rowling quotes on Goodreads.

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9. Accent your room with replicas from the movie and mismatched pictures.

Photo courtesy of THLOG

Photo courtesy of THLOG

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What Harry Potter decorations do you have in your bedroom? Tell us in the comment’s box below.

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4 Responses to Themed Bedrooms: Harry Potter

  1. Alessandra says:

    So awesome! I can’t wait to Slytherin to a bedroom like this!

  2. Michelle Eging says:

    Best pun ever!

  3. i agree alessandra i cant wat to slytherin to a bedroom like this

  4. Siera says:

    I am redoing my room Hufflepuff themed right now, and these are great tips! So far I’ve got wands and trunks all over the place as well as Hufflepuff quotes in black and yellow all over the place. Thanks for the great ideas

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