Themed Bedrooms: Outer Space

Is your child an aspiring astronaut? Or do you have an obsession with gazing at the night sky? You can transform your room into an astronomer’s dream with careful color and pattern selection, as well as the placement of a few coordinating objects.

Analogous Solar System by AshElam on

1. Paint your ceiling or walls to look like the night sky. However, avoid painting both ceilings and walls dark colors, as it will make the room seem smaller. If you want the whole room blue, consider using lighter and darker shades. Accents walls are also an excellent way to bring the colors you want into a room while keeping the space feeling expansive.

Photo courtesy of apartment interior design

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Photo courtesy of Decorating 4 Kids

2. Wall decals of planets, stars, and spaceships brings the mysteries of the solar system into your bedroom. Wall decals can also be used to create murals without the hassle, materials,  and talent necessary to paint a mural.

Photo courtesy of weeDECOR

Pictures are another great alternative to wall decals and give you the opportunity to support an artist.

Original and hand painting of a Nebula explosion in outerspace by Joyce Tremethick on

Photo courtesy of otherland

3. Space mobiles offer perhaps the most visually dynamic way to capture a love for the “next frontier”.

Space Adventure by pushok1983 on

Paper Solar System Mobile by serendipiteedesign on

4. If painting your walls to match the night sky isn’t a viable option, curtains and bedspreads, while not as dramatic, can be just as effective.

Photo courtesy of Great Home Interior

Photo courtesy of squidoo

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