How to Make Fake Spiderwebs Look Real

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is decorating with cobwebs. Which is ironic because spiders make my skin crawl. But when it comes my aesthetic sensibilities, I love the way spiderwebs look. If I could make a living putting up fake cobwebs in people’s homes, I would.

Photo courtesy of neathome

Photo courtesy of Lisa Hallett Taylor

To create realistic looking cobwebs, arm yourself with:

  • A bag of fake cobwebs, something you can find at party stores, grocery stores, and costume stores
  • Fake spiders
  • Clear tape
  • Thumbtacks or nails (optional)

Some principles to follow when decorating with cobwebs:

  • In deciding where to hang your webs, think like a spider. They love corners of walls and objects. Usually three sides of the web are attached to something and the fourth is stretched across open space.

Photo courtesy of Discovery News

  • Try to use as little tape as possible and rely on objects that are already there, such as nails in the wall, photo frame corners, etc. Tape comes in handy when there is nothing around to anchor your web.
  • Thinner is better. People often make the mistake of tearing off a hunk of fake cobweb like its cotton candy and keeping it clumped together. Make sure each web clump is stretched out as thin as possible without breaking any of the strands.

Photo courtesy of Inspire By Design

  • Be gentle. Don’t rip through the webbing when stretching it out– it will tear.
  • Be patient and take your time. The devil’s in the details and details are a product of time. If you really want those webs to look convincing, you can’t rush through it.

Photo courtesy of HGTV

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