Going for the Gold!

As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time.
John Mason

As the United States’ Michael Phelps and so many other amazing athletes compete in the London 2012 Olympic games, their goal is to get the gold. In the spirit of the Olympics, considering gold as a wall color seems not only patriotic and victorious, but gorgeous as well.

Gold can warm up a room, giving it a lived in, rustic style. But it can also give your rooms a spruced up, elegant feel.

Gold lends itself to interesting and exciting color combinations, and is a fantastic, unexpected hue for a ceiling. Consider a gold ceiling as an accent to a blue room and see how it makes a room shine. The gold above makes the whole room warm, far more than a white or off-white ceiling would.

Gold can also be used in rooms to give it an old world Tuscan feel, and where better to do this than a kitchen? You can almost smell the delicious Italian scents of marinara simmering or garlic-laced pesto slathered on butter-topped pasta.

If you’re not ready to completely immerse yourself in gold, consider using it in a small space, such as on a mantel or in a hallway.

As the Olympics wrap up week one and the gold medals are distributed among the worthy competitors, think about gold – a color that can remind you of the fun of the Olympics until Sochi’s 2014 games begin.

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County Fair Tones Warm up Your Home

Anybody can be good in the country.  ~Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

As summertime goes from sizzle to simmer, County and State Fairs begin to crop up all over. Rodeos and other fun events are highlighted. Fireworks pop through the sky again. Craft fairs display amazing arts and crafts items. The most marvelous scents from all kinds of local dishes’ savory scents wafting on the gentle breeze tempt you into tasting foods you’d never consider cooking at home.






While other summer holidays and activities often harness bright colors, the County Fair look embodies more earthy tones: the crusty beige, taupe, and ombre of a well-baked pie crust, the earthy tones of a perfect quilt, the warm colors of horses—These all represent what’s exciting and charming at a county fair.












These same colors look gorgeous on walls. Using these warm earth tones grounds your space, makes it more homey. These colors envelop you, embrace you as you step into your house and invite you to linger.





Even though you may choose a more modern design, the country color scheme creates balance and a sense of earthy comfort.

As summer winds down and you look toward fall, the earth tones of a country fair may be just what you need to welcome in autumn.


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A Blue Master Bedroom Creates a True Blue Delight

Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?
James Montgomery

Blue is the most universally preferred color – both men and women like it. It has positive “true blue” connotations in all cultures. There is actual scientific evidence why this is. Studies have shown that rooms painted blue have a calming effect on people. There’s even proof that people who reside in blue rooms heal from illness faster!

So, if you’re looking for a restful, nurturing hue to paint your master bedroom, why not consider blue?

The restful tone of this room, on both walls and bedspread, create an ethereal, peaceful atmosphere that is classy and traditional.

A blue room lends itself well to dark woods and cream tones, creating a quiet, organized, peaceful space.

The darker the shade, the richer the feeling – meaning there seems to be more power, as in a sky that is clear, deep, and slightly somber. On walls, the statement being made is this room is important and valued, as are the people who live there.

Blue’s lighter shades just spell pretty: light, airy, crisp – reminiscent of spring’s first fine weather days after winter’s gloomy grays.

Ben Jonson said: “Blueness doth express trueness.” For master bedrooms, this is especially true. A clear, peaceful blue can create a most beautiful and inviting room, one that stays current and lovely all year long.


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Here Comes the Sun – Living Rooms with Warmth

“I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love.”
~Conor Oberst

When you’re looking to brighten up a living room, yellow walls are an excellent choice. Not only is yellow light and crisp, it spells happiness. An excellent palette for walls, yellow  provides a cheery background to highlight a myriad of colorful art work and furnishings.

However, yellow can also mean caution, and using too much yellow, according to color psychology, can actually cause anxiety. Therefore, combining yellow’s natural tones with those found in nature and foods you love provide a remarkably workable palette.

Yellow and blue are a natural, vibrant combination that brings a classic look to living rooms.





Luscious dark blues and clear yellow combine here for a surprisingly masculine feel to this living room.

Turquoise is a natural choice to bring fun and brilliance to your living room. Just looking at this pairing brings feelings of fun, energy, and light-heartedness. Using the 60-30-10 combination,  yellow is the predominant color, with turquoise as the greater accent, while the orange pop delightfully rounds out the room. If you are looking for a welcoming feeling with a lively twist to your living room, yellow and turquoise is a great option.








Red, as one of the three primary colors, is a natural companion to yellow. Too much red creates too much — too much energy, too much stimulation. But softened and balanced by a light yellow’s smooth tones, it is sublime.








Though yellow and white can look too cottage-y or boring, like a perfect piece of cheesecake with sour cream topping, sometimes being a purist is the only answer.





Yellow, used correctly, can create a warm, inviting, natural look to living rooms. While the sun still shines, use yellow to drink in the natural sunny tones from the outside. When winter arrives, summer will still surround you, right in your own living room.


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Wake Me Up at the Ballgame

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. ~Babe Ruth

It’s baseball season – peanuts, popcorn, and double headers make you shout. For the baseball- hungry boy, nothing is more exciting than a baseball themed bedroom. Creating this fun space is actually quite easy with a lineup of bedding options, posters, and other accessories available.

First, put on a new coat of paint to provide a fresh, clean background for your son’s cool new room. These blue walls are reminiscent of a cloudless sky during a Saturday afternoon’s game.









These yellow walls bring a cheery, warm feeling to the space, like the yummy popcorn you munch as you watch your favorite pitcher throw a no-hitter. You can almost smell the buttery goodness.

The green of the field is where the magic happens, so bring the diamond to life in your child’s bedroom with walls the color of the outfield. Get the true “lawn seat” feel with a scoreboard decal.

Of course, for the true fan, focusing on your favorite team is the only way to go.








Encourage your son’s passion by giving him a room that truly shows off his personality. And who knows, maybe with some dugout themed storage, your son may even be motivated to keep his room clean – but no promises!

Batter up!


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