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Looking for a Quality Painter in Marietta?

Five Star Painting of Marietta's professional house painters proudly offer five star quality painting services at competitive prices, with a warranty that can’t be beat! We are local Marietta painting experts that value our local reputation. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Whether you have an interior or exterior residential OR commercial painting project in Marietta, GA, we will bring our average of 15 years painting expertise to every job we take on. CLEAN - ON TIME - ON BUDGET - GUARANTEED!

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Marietta

  • On Budget: You should feel comfortable knowing how much our painting services will cost. That’s why our Marietta painting contractors guarantee to stand by our estimate price from start to finish.
  • On Time: Your time is valuable and we will respect your time throughout our service.
  • Clean: All you will see when we leave are your beautiful walls.
  • Experienced: You don’t want just anybody painting your home. Our Marietta painters average over 15 years of experience!
“Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!”
“Five Star's team in Marietta went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!”

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Free House Painting Estimate Marietta

Five Star Painting of Marietta

If you are looking for someone who you can trust with the difficult job of painting your home, Five Star house painting in Marietta is the right house painting service to go to. We have reached a high rate of growth over the years and are now satisfying plenty of customers daily. We are committed to making our customers be happy they chose us and this is our main goal. The best way to fix up a run down home is to add a new coat of paint, and that is what we excel in.

Our easy and quick estimates will leave you with the assurance that your money is being spent fairly. This will enhance your experience with Five Star Painting and will help us feel better about the way we have served you. Five Star Painting is dedicated to completing jobs efficient and effectively, never disrupting the home so that people can carry on with their own lives and relax in a freshly painted home.

Five Star Painting in Marietta is focused on providing the best experience possible, rejuvenating your home and also taking care of it in a way that proves we are trustworthy. During our visit to your home, we will be clean, on time and will make sure to get the job done as quickly as possible while also doing a flawless job.

Get a free estimate by contacting Five Star Painting and you can benefit from a 10% discount if you book the job immediately after. The free estimate will give you the assurance that your money is in the right hands, and our painting contractors will do everything they can to uplift your home and, in turn, your attitude towards your home! Call for a free estimate from Five Star Marietta house painting and benefit from this remarkable deal.

Marietta’s Best Residential House Painters

Marietta, GA House Painters Living Room

Once you have signed those final papers on the house that doesn't mean that that house is your home but it does mean that it is time to call Five Star's Marietta house painters. When you move in and give it your homemade touches is when it becomes yours. When you decide on what colors you need to paint with you will need to contact Five Star's Marietta house painters. This is the most important step that transforms your house and your bare walls along with your doors into canvases that tells a story of the people who will live there. It's time for you to make this house that you bought into you and your family's home.

Not only is the new paint job going to make you home look beautiful but it also has other benefits. For home exteriors rotting wood can be a problem and a new coat of paint is used like a sealant that will protect the other materials from hail, snow, sleet or rain. When you use Latex paints it gives you a thick seal that will protect your home for many years to come.

When Five Star Painting of Marietta, GA comes to paint your home we will take extra care of the exterior of your home also. That could mean adding extra caulk to a cracked wall or putting on extra paint just to make sure it's covered and sealed we will take care of the situation. We don't just come to paint the house; we come prepared to enhance the quality of the structure and appearance.

Interiors: Your schedule and your life won't be interrupted when we get there as the trained crews operate on the walls in your home for the interior painting projects. We realize we are a guest in your home and we will show you respect by being on time, unobtrusive as possible and by being clean.

We can help you pick out the right colors and will give you an easy to read estimate with a detailed breakdown.

Exteriors: The first impression of your house can be very important and the exterior will be the first thing that is seen. This is how people know who you are and a glimpse of who lives on the other side of that door.

The exterior paint doesn't have to be aesthetically appealing and Five Star Painting knows this and understands it. But we also know that protecting against the outside elements is just as important including the climate and weather issues. To maintain your house's luster for years to come we are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful exterior paint job.

We pride ourselves on being Marietta's best house painters. We give you home's interior as well as exterior a makeover and we live up to our promises standing by our services. To make the overall quality of your home we offer the following additional services:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repairs
  • Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

Call our house painters in Marietta, GA today or request an estimate online!

On top of interior and exterior house painting, we offer additional services to beautify your home and yard including:

Additional services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repair
  • Gutter Installation and Cleaning

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA Commercial Painting Contractors

The commercial painting contractors at Five Star Painting of Marietta have both the experience and knowledge to paint your commercial building with a color that advertises success. The selection of color and overall appearance of your property is important to you and your customers, and nobody understands this better than we do.

  • Interior Commercial Painting: If you work in a building that is old and has a deteriorating paint job with lead-based paint from the 1970’s, it definitely is time to call Five Star Painters. Wait. If your surroundings have not been repainted since the 90’s it is time to give us a call. A new working egaironment will improve office morale and life everyone’s spirits. Even more, we will customize the color of your walls and décor to reflect the colors of your company logo. This will shout professionalism in a very quiet way. And quiet is the way we work, so your daily business routine is not interrupted.

  • Exterior Commercial Painting: An important aspect of your business is what we call “curb appeal.” How a customer or potential customer view your building can mean the difference between a closure and a “maybe.” If you have a business where customers or visitors do not come to, keep in mind that pictures of the area and your building are available on the Internet. Google Maps and other GPS location software update their images regularly. A poor picture portrays a poor business image. We can make your commercial building stand out in a positive way.

The basis for our business is to work with our customers by meeting with you and discussing the best options for you and your budget. We are available to work on the weekends or evenings – whatever it takes to get the job done. Painting and maintenance are our specialties, and we are ready any time to meet your goals.

The services we offer are:

  • Complete preparation and cleaning of all surfaces to be painted
  • All exterior surfaces can be painted, whether they are wood, stucco, cement block, vinyl, or aluminum
  • All interior areas can be painted, including hallways, entryways, trim, and ceilings
  • Floors and structural elements that require a heavy coat of protection are treated
  • Repair of drywall, plastered areas, and wood surfaces, both inside and outside of the building
  • Wallpapering
  • Coating of stadium seats, floors, bathroom partitions, and other fixed surfaces is performed using a high quality and durable product

Our contractors are able to give you a free, on-site estimate of the work. You will be able to see exactly where every dollar is going and why. Also, color is an important part of the job, and our contractors are able to recommend the best color solution for you, on-site. The color agreed to by our professional painting contractors of Marietta, GA will produce the best result and speak volumes about your choice of painting companies. Contact us today for a free estimate.

About Five Star Painting of Marietta, GA

test Marietta House Painters

Locally owned and operated by Mark Averett, your neighborhood Five Star Painting is consistently bringing in high customer rankings in the painting industry. How do we do it? We simply make sure we are providing you with the best professional house painters in Marietta, GA at the most affordable price. Much of Mark’s success is attributed to a unique painter certification program, ensuring that all painting contractors undergo an extensive training process in all the latest painting tools and techniques. We only employ the most quality house painters that are able to uphold Five Star company standards and provide you with the quality work our company guarantees.

As part of an international franchise system, Five Star Painting in Marietta is able to provide you with the highest quality paint and products at an affordable rate. Our extensive history in the painting industry encompasses more than 40,000 jobs in over than a decade. We consistently exceed customers’ expectations because we simply make your satisfaction our number one priority.

Want to see just how good our prices are? Call us today for a free, on-site house painting estimate! Our easy-to-understand quote breaks down the prices so you know exactly where your money is being spent. Call Mark to learn more about how Marietta painting contractors can help your home or business!

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