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Looking for a Quality Painter in Raleigh?

Five Star Painting of Raleigh's professional house painters proudly offer five star quality painting services at competitive prices, with a warranty that can’t be beat! We are local Raleigh painting experts that value our local reputation. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Whether you have an interior or exterior residential OR commercial painting project in Raleigh, NC, we will bring our average of 15 years painting expertise to every job we take on. CLEAN - ON TIME - ON BUDGET - GUARANTEED!

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Raleigh

  • On Budget: You should feel comfortable knowing how much our painting services will cost. That’s why our Raleigh painting contractors guarantee to stand by our estimate price from start to finish.
  • On Time: Your time is valuable and we will respect your time throughout our service.
  • Clean: All you will see when we leave are your beautiful walls.
  • Experienced: You don’t want just anybody painting your home. Our Raleigh painters average over 15 years of experience!
“Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!”
“Five Star's team in Raleigh went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!”

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Free House Painting Estimate Raleigh

Five Star Painting of Raleigh

When you need quality house painting for your home or business you can always depend on Five Star house painting of Raleigh, NC to satisfy your painting needs. As our Painting business continues to grow very rapidly, we have a powerful commitment to all of our customers and we will continue to work with you to provide professional painting services. We are able to work within your budget and offer Professional Painting Contractors at your service. Five Star Painting's expert and reliable painters provide you a unique design of new colors for your walls. Starting with our easy to read Free Estimate we will work hard to finish your painting job safely without any disturbance.

For your home or business office we have the necessary equipment and the knowledge to provide the best quality painting services. If you would like to create a brand new feeling for your home, Five Star House Painting Professionals are prepared to design a brand new color experience for your walls. You can have confidence in our cleaning methods, we are effective and efficient and we take care of your home. We put your needs first and work within your budget to make your home beautiful. We can come out to your location and give you an estimate on your Painting job.

Fill in this form in order to get a free price quote on your painting job. Take advantage of our free no obligation online estimate with your local Five Star house painting in Raleigh, NC. Also included is a special offer, If you confirm your painting job appointment from this estimate form, You will receive a 10% Discount on the total cost of your job. We are also available by phone, You may call our friendly customer service staff to get your Free House Painting Estimate.

Raleigh’s Best Residential House Painters

Raleigh, NC House Painters Living Room

Your house doesn't instantly become yours, the moment you sign the papers, you need to put your own impression on it with a unique house painting job. Let Five Star house painters of Raleigh, NC take care of this for you. We can give you the paint job that fits with your style and truly make your house your own. We know how much this means to you and we make sure that we exhibit excellence and professionalism in our services that we offer to you.

Five Star Painters of Raleigh understand that as well as looking good, a paint job has to be made to last and satisfy other purposes like protecting your home. Particularly with the weather we have now, a professional paint job can really protect your house against the elements and really insulate it against future elements. We know that paint jobs have to last as well as enhancing the visual appeal of your home.

We make sure that we paint every single part of your house, including the particularly hard to reach parts. If the necessary time and effort is spent on a paint job, it can actually save you money by really acting as a sealant to lock in the quality of your house. We know that a blend of form and function is required to make your paint job successful.

Interiors: We only hire the absolute best painters in the business. No job sites for us, we only hire the professionals to do the job. We are always quiet and respectful and work in an unobtrusive manner, completely respecting your privacy.

We keep things simple and streamline the whole process of painting your house and make things nice and easy for you. We are always fully transparent in what we spend and account for every single penny that we spend. No hidden fees from us, only complete truth and honesty.

Exteriors: The look of the outside of your home is just as key as the inside of your house. It is the first thing that people see when they look at your house and we like to make all aspects of our project excellent.

We know that your paint job has to be robust, so we only use the finest in materials during our work to make sure that it stands the test of time and delivers excellent functionality as well as looking brilliant.

We are the best painters in Raleigh for a reason. We always deliver the goods and make sure that we do a brilliant job every single time, at a very low cost.

We also offer a range of other services ti help you out:

  • Interior and exterior painting of all surfaces
  • Full clean and after care programs
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Maintenance schemes

Contact us now to meet with your local Five Star house painters of Raleigh, NC for a great paint job which will be very important to your house in the future or request an estimate online today!

On top of interior and exterior house painting, we offer additional services to beautify your home and yard including:

Additional services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repair
  • Gutter Installation and Cleaning

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC Commercial Painting Contractors

Five Star painting contractors of Raleigh, NC are the professionals to call if you need a fresh coat of paint on your premises. We understand that beauty is mandatory to you as it motivates your employees and attracts your customers. We can cover any facility including hospitals, schools, apartments and any kind of commercial painting job.

Five star painters are also interior commercial painters and they are dedicated to transforming the inside of your building into something much more pleasant for your employees. We try to set you apart from many businesses that torment their workers with shoddy paint jobs day after day. Such employees easily get bored with the dull colors but five star painters are the painters to give your office a nice new look and design if you like. Our professionals are well equipped to make your walls match with your logo-that is exactly what any business interior needs. We are very silent while working so as not to interfere with normal activities at the office.

Like the inside, the outer walls of your premises also matter. In fact, external appearance is very important if you are to keep customer loyal to your business. Whether you sell online or never have customers coming to the premises, you must keep the outside looking prim. This is because there will be pictures of the building somewhere on the internet and you don’t want your office building looking like a haunted house. For the perfect picture for any website, why don’t you let Five Star Painting of Raleigh do the job?

We value neatness and that is why our commercial painters will come looking clean and they will never disturb normal activities while they do their job. You will be pleasantly surprised by our commitment to your personal image. We strive to make your space attractive by giving it a superb coat of paint.

We at five star painters understand that each commercial job is unique and for this reason we meet every client to make plans for the job. We are ready to work 24/7 thanks to a huge number of well trained staff. Commercial painters also offer regular painting services to make your property look its best.

Here are a number of Raleigh Commercial Services:

  • Surface preparation and cleaning before painting
  • Exterior surface painting on any surface-stucco, wood, block, vinyl, aluminum and cement board
  • Interior painting of ceilings, entryways, hall ways, walls and trim
  • Industrial strength coating for floors and any structural elements that need specialized, heavy duty o extra sanitary protection
  • Plaster, wall and dry wood repair for interior and exterior
  • Wall paper removal and reinstallation

Application of high durability coating for floors, lockers, bathroom partitions and stadium seating.

If you need any of these things to be done for you, reach painting contractors in Raleigh, NC today for a free estimate at our customer influenced software. The software enables us to give you an easy to understand quote so you know exactly where your hard earned cash is going. Contact us online for a free estimate today and see the difference that color can bring to your building.

About Five Star Painting of Raleigh, NC

test Raleigh House Painters

If you're looking for an affordable company you can rely on to accomplish your interior and exterior painting needs in Raleigh, then Five Star Painting is the company for you. Get the professionalism you expect, and the expertise needed to complete any painting project, from commercial projects to residential homes. Five Star Painting Contractors in Raleigh are professional, and are equipped with the proper skills needed to accomplish the project you need done - at a price you can afford.

Over ten years, Five Star Paining has gained valuable insight into creating a system that proves to work well for customers over and over again. The Five Start Painting crew in Raleigh is locally owned and operated, and is part of an international painting franchise system offering interior and exterior painting services. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and a quality product, as we strive to create satisfied customers. To do this, we igaite you to contact Bruce Jones with any questions or concerns, and he'll get back with you promptly.

Customers can count on Five Star Painting crews to have the expertise and skills needed to get the job done right the first time. We understand doing a quality job includes being on time, respecting the customer's home or business space while we are there, and remaining open to fluid communication with the customer. The goal here is to smoothly complete the job, while providing the customer with a satisfying experience all-around, as we understand each project has equal importance to each customer.

At Five Star Painting, we understand how putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can result in years of enjoyment and satisfaction if done right. Therefore, customers can expect our professional color experts to help them make the right decision in color and product. We use only the industries' top paint and materials to ensure the longevity and quality of each project. We'll also consult with customers with patience and thoughtfulness to determine what color is going to fit their specific needs the best.

Five Star Painting is part of one of the fastest growing franchises in the service industry. Spreading out in over four countries and receiving numerous business awards for growth and innovation, Five Star Painting has proven to exceed the norms of the industry and routinely gives customers exceptional professional service as a norm.

We want customers to know we are committed to painting your walls with the utmost professionalism and expertise, with the best quality products. The goal is to complete each job with a satisfied customer, as we understand how important each project is to each customer. With our customer-based estimating software, we'll provide an easy-to-read free estimate showing all the costs of the project before we begin. Contact Five Star Painting in Raleigh for a free, on-site house painting estimate to get started.

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