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If you’re looking for the best house painters in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, you’ve found us! Five Star Painting in Dallas is backed by a decade of high customer satisfaction marks and ratings. We only employ the finest house painters in the Dallas Fort Worth area and promise you painting contractors who are clean, on time and on budget – every time!

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Why Use Five Star Painting of Dallas East, TX

  • On Budget: Our painting contractors guarantee to stand by our estimate price from start to finish, so you can feel comfortable knowing how much our painting services will cost
  • On Time: We recognize that your time is important and we will strive to respect your time throughout our service
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind are your beautiful walls
  • Licensed and Insured: Our licensing and insurance helps protect you if an accident occurs on your property
  • Experienced: Our painters average over 15 years of experience!

About Five Star Painting of Dallas East, TX

Dallas East House Painters Local owner and operator, Mike Christensen, is dedicated to meticulously training crews that will always provide a painting job exceeding your expectations. His primary focus is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your Dallas painting pros. Mike maintains a Five Star Painter Certification Program that trains and tests all his Dallas house painting contractors. You can rest assured that all of our painters are confident, skilled, knowledgeable and respectful.

Mike’s painting business is part of an international painting franchise that understands the intricacies of interior and exterior home and business painting here in Dallas. We know that besides the final result, there are a few other factors that go into a good painting job. That’s why we always provide you with what we call the “Five Star Touch.”

Contact us today for a free, on-site house painting estimate! We tell you exactly how much the paint job will cost, and we stand by that number. Call Mike to learn more about how he can help you transform your home or business in the Dallas Fort Worth area!

Dallas East’s Best Residential House Painters

 Dallas East House Painters Living RoomIf the exterior paint on your home or office is cracking and peeling, making it looks truly terrible, then you need the help of professional Dallas house painters. Extreme heat and rainstorms can take their toll on the exterior wood and gutters of your home, but a new coat of paint can restore your home to its former beauty.

It’s important to bear in mind that a fresh paint job is more than just an aesthetic improvement. It also functions as a sealant and protects your home for many years from the elements. At Five Star Painting of Dallas East, we take exceptional care with every part of your home’s exterior, even those hard-to-reach places. Sometimes this could mean the addition of extra caulking or painting to ensure that every surface is completely covered and securely sealed. We take pride in every job as Dallas house painters and want our paint job to enhance the beauty of your home and its endurance factor.

At Five Star Painting, we deliver the very best in house painting, but we also offer a number of other services for home renovation and rejuvenation to our valued customers all over Dallas East, TX. Here are a few:

  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repairs: In some cases, just painting won’t suffice when the problem is blemished siding and rotten wood. We specialize in these services and can fix these issues and make your home’s exterior look more attractive.
  • Pressure Washing: Sometimes a thorough cleaning is just what a home really needs. So, let us give it a deep cleaning job with pressure washing that will serve to refresh the natural beauty of your home’s exterior. Pressure washing does wonders for unfinished brick walls, too.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Whether its dark stains from automotive oil dripping on the driveway or in the garage, we have all of the right techniques for completely removing them, uncovering a beautiful new fresh surface.
  • Garage Floor Coatings: Once it’s nice and clean, let us apply a gleaming new finish to protect it against future spills, spots and stains for many years.
  • Deck Restoration: If your deck is starting to look old and weathered, maybe even falling apart at the seams and causing tripping hazards, we can repair it and restore the entire deck to its former beauty.
  • Gutter Installation and Cleaning: Cleaning your rain gutters can be hazardous duty, so save yourself or a family member an unplanned visit to the emergency room by letting us handle this task for you. And, if those gutters are rusted or falling apart, we can install new ones that match your home’s exterior paint color for a more put together look.

So, if you need expert professional house painters or any of these other services, request an estimate online or call us at Five Star house painters of Dallas East today. Both you can your home will be glad you did.

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Dallas East, TX

Dallas East Commercial Painting ContractorsEvery business needs a good first impression for both their customers and potential customers and this is where our Dallas commercial painting contractors come in handy. Let your business speak for itself and attract customers and provide you with the chance to meet them for business. Five star painting contractors of Dallas East are the best for this job as we will turn your physical address to suit your employees and most importantly your customers demands through a proper paint job.

  • Interior Commercial Painters – The interior of your office speaks a lot on your behalf and for a first impression, it speaks louder than you or your employees. Do not let a client walk out your door before they even get to listen to what you have to offer. Let Five Star Painting ensure that you have this opportunity. Let us give you a new look that will bring back life and refresh the office.

    We just do not paint but we paint while incorporating your business color theme and logo. As we work on your interior, you do not have to leave your work stations or close down the office. You work as we work. We are experts at what we do and we therefore do not disturb or make make noise for your employees. We will leave the office with its furniture arrangement as you desire.

    We ensure that the new interior paint job builds your employees morale and helps seal the deal with your customers.

  • Exterior Commercial Painters – Every business needs a warm and welcoming entrance. With the advancement in technology, it may not require customers to come to the office. Some transactions may be done on-line. Some potential customers may decide to fish out for more information before making the decision to visit your offices. The use of images is essential to help your customers understand where you are located and what you have to offer. Ensure that they have something worthwhile to look at. This includes the building you are located at. A neglected and bad looking building will not earn anyone’s trust. A modern commercial paint job from Five Star Painting will do the trick.

We are Dallas East’s best commercial painting contractors. Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options for your business with our expert commercial painting contractors.

On top of interior and exterior house painting, we offer additional services to beautify your home and yard including:

Additional services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repairs
  • Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

Free House Painting Estimate

House Painters of Dallas EastYou might think that you’ve never even heard of a company in your area that actually wants to try and help its customers to save money on professional house painting. Well, think again because here at Five Star Painting of Dallas East, we really want to save you money. For starters, we always arrive on time and at your cogaenience. We’ll be ready, willing and able to give you the best House Painting job and to help you, right from the start, to plan the job so that you can have the house of your dreams.

It’s your opinions and desires for what your house should like that count with us. We want to give you the best house painting job possible, while staying within your budget. We offer a myriad of fine finishes and beautiful colors to suit your needs. And you can always count on our House Painting professionals to be prompt and courteous.

After deciding on the color and finish details, you’ll get a comprehensive quote for what your House Painting job will cost. We will thoroughly explain every step and every dollar of your estimate, making sure that you understand where your money is going and what to expect along the way. And, if you’re on a particularly tight budget, no problem. We can work around that and provide options for beautifying your home within your specified budget.

So, if a generalized proposal regarding the cost of House Painting for your home would help you to budget and plan for the beautification of your home’s exterior, simply fill out this form today. We’ll get back to you with your Free no obligation estimate for house painting at a price you can live with.

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