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Looking for a Quality Painter in Salt Lake City?

Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City's professional house painters proudly offer five star quality painting services at competitive prices, with a warranty that can’t be beat! We are local Salt Lake City painting experts that value our local reputation. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Whether you have an interior or exterior residential OR commercial painting project in Salt Lake City, UT, we will bring our average of 15 years painting expertise to every job we take on. CLEAN - ON TIME - ON BUDGET - GUARANTEED!

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City

  • On Budget: You should feel comfortable knowing how much our painting services will cost. That’s why our Salt Lake City painting contractors guarantee to stand by our estimate price from start to finish.
  • On Time: Your time is valuable and we will respect your time throughout our service.
  • Clean: All you will see when we leave are your beautiful walls.
  • Experienced: You don’t want just anybody painting your home. Our Salt Lake City painters average over 15 years of experience!
“Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!”
“Five Star's team in Salt Lake City went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!”

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Free House Painting Estimate Salt Lake City

Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City

Five Star house painting of Salt Lake City, UT is competent, efficient and can be counted on to get any job done in a timely and cost effective manner. Five Star Painting is a franchise, and we are proud to say that our growth has been brisk. We understand that customer service is paramount and work hard to ensure that steps are taken so that all of our customer's painting needs are met.

Our services, from your initial estimate to the final clean up done on your property, are stellar and solid. Our painting professionals will get the job done while showing the utmost respect towards you and your home.

Having your home painted will improve the look of your home while also enhancing it's curb appeal. Nothing says "beautiful home" like a gorgeous paint job. Property value being increased aside, it will also be very satisfying to you, as a homeowner, to pull into your home's driveway and see how pretty your house looks with a fresh coat of paint. Our painting professionals will arrive at your home with the technique, equipment, and knowledge necessary to do the job. We understand that your time is valuable and therefore, endeavor to have the job done when we state it will be done. We are committed to providing a quality experience, from your first contact with us to when the job is finished. Being clean, timely, and cost effective are our hallmarks. We are so sure of our painting contractor's ability that we guarantee that your experience with us will be a good one.

Fill out this form for a free online estimate with Five Star house painting in Salt Lake City, UT. This estimate will give you an idea of how much your paint job will cost and there is no obligation. If you book your job off of this painting estimate we will give you 10% off the job. Call today for your Free estimate!

Salt Lake City’s Best Residential House Painters

Salt Lake City, UT House Painters Living Room

When you sign the document to get your house it doesn't become a home that instant. It becomes a home when you have your stamp on it. One of the ways to do this is to let Five Star house painters of Salt Lake City, UT give it a top quality paint job. This can really liven up the atmosphere of the home and be the first step to making it truly yours. Just think of the possibilities!

As Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City get the job done we are extra careful to make sure that we cover ever nook and cranny of your home, particularly the more troublesome parts of it. A fresh coat of paint is good for durability and protection of the home from adverse weather conditions, which seems particularly pertinent considering the amount of rain that we get!

Interiors: Our Five Star painters are the very best out there, they are consummate professionals who deliver a quality paint job every single time. They are very well trained and are excellent at their job. Whilst we work, we make sure to be quiet and considerate and clean up every single piece of mess we have made.

As we like to keep you informed, we always give you a detailed breakdown of the price that we are charging so you know exactly what we have spent. With times being tougher than ever, we don't want to waste a single penny of your hard-earned cash and we will always stay within in any budget requirements you have. Furthermore, we like to get things just right and that includes making sure the colour of the paint fits in with the image and decor of your home.

Exteriors: The outside of your home is your first chance to make a good impression so we want to get that spot-on for you. It shows who you are and projects your image of your house.

Five Star Painting understands that as well as looking good, your painting job needs to last for a long time, particularly with the climate that we live in! We always use top-quality materials and guarantee that your paint job will last for years to come.

We are Salt Lake City's number one painters for a reason. We always strive for excellence in every single piece of work that we do and pride ourselves on our service which is why we offer an array of other home improvement services:

  • Pressure Washing of your drive
  • Cleaning the concrete of your patio
  • Restoring desks and other furniture
  • Coating of garage floors
  • Skilled carpentry services and repairs of wood rot
  • Full service of gutters

We really do care about our job and one of our main objectives is to get it perfect for you. We want to make it so there is no way we could improve the job that we do for you. That is the type of company that we are, and we are the best in the business at what we do. Contact us right now to meet with your local Five Star house painters in Salt Lake City, UT or request an estimate online today!

On top of interior and exterior house painting, we offer additional services to beautify your home and yard including:

Additional services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repair
  • Gutter Installation and Cleaning

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT Commercial Painting Contractors

Five Star commercial painting contractors of Salt Lake City, UT can give your business a glossy paint job that it needs and inject new life into it. We realise how your company looks is really important to you and strive to make sure that we do the best job we possibly can. A flesh lick of paint can really make a difference to you and your employees and stimulate a culture of productivity and motivation. From office spaces to medical offers, we do the job the same: excellent and in an punctual manner.

  • Interior Commercial Painters: The majority of businesses these days make their workers slave away in a building that has the design of one from the 1980s. Even one from the 90s is not good enough for us! Let Five Star Painting enhance the aesthetics of your home with a brand new look and design. We know our stuff and we can make sure that our painting fits with the ethos and aims of your company. Like you, we're professionals and we endeavor to be quiet and unobtrusive whilst we work, so we don't disrupt you.

  • Exterior Commercial Painters: The outside of your business is like your calling card. Fair or not, customers will get a first impression of you from this. Plus it's not just in person your customers can do this. With all the digital technology available these days, the outside of your building is going to gain more exposure than you thought. Let Five Star Painting make this right for you and give it a memorable paint job.

Our Salt Lake City painting professionals exude an air of knowledge and expertise and this is replicated in our work. We deliver a top-quality job every single time and respect your privacy at all times. Like you, we're here to work.

Although every project is different, we know that there will be certain key elements that you will like to discuss with us. That's why we are flexible and can meet you at a time and location that suits you and your hectic schedule. As well as the initial paint job, we offer aftercare and maintenance programs to keep your building looking great.

Here are just some of the services we offer:
  • Comprehensive preparation of surfaces
  • A full exterior paint job on all types of surfaces
  • Full interior paint job of your building
  • Industry quality coatings for floors and other structural facets of your space
  • Full maintenance of plaster, drywall and wood repair
  • Removal and implementation of wallpaper
  • Putting long-lasting coatings on things like floors and lockers

Call us today for a free on-site estimate at your cogaenience or contact us online. Using our special software, we can offer you a tailored service which shows exactly what we spend and how we work. Color obviously is a vital part of any paint job and we have the relevant expertise and knowledge to get it just right for you. Let the painting contractors of Salt Lake City, UT give your building a paint job that it deserves!

About Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City, UT

test Salt Lake City House Painters

Painting can be tedious and disappointing without the help of professional house painters. Five Star Painting Contractors of Salt Lake City, UT deliver the best painting services to their clients. We specialize in interior and exterior house painting. At a reasonable price, our house painters will transform your office or home into a beautiful space. No building is too big or too small for us to handle. Operated by Brandon Oquendo, Five Star Painting of Salt Lake City is well equipped with the necessary tools to carry out their mandate and deliver to their clients a presentable paint job.

There are thousands of color shades available in the market nowadays. Selecting the best color for your walls has never been more difficult. With the help of our qualified color experts, clients can be able to select colors that portray their personality, style, and culture. In addition to this, we offer free painting estimates to our clients.

In addition to painting, Five Star Painting Contractors of Salt Lake City has a range of products and services that they extend to their clients.

  • Woodwork finishing
  • Woodwork enameling
  • Ceiling texturing
  • Deck and fence staining
  • Stucco
  • Removal of wallpapers
  • Drywall repair
  • Floor coatings and much more

The existence of a variety of painting contractors has led to confusion among the public. Five Star Painting offers assistance to any interested party. We remove all traces of doubt from our clients’ minds buy delivering the best services. We leave no stone unturned in our attempt to satisfy our esteemed clients. Our attention to even the smallest detail is our forte. We are a locally owned company offering guaranteed services. Our services are just a call away. Get in touch with Brandon Oquendo and his team and get informed on the numerous services offered by Five Star Painting Contractors of Salt Lake City, UT. Request your free, on-site house painting estimate here.

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