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Do you have a house that is in serious need of professional house painters? Springfield house painters at Five Star Painting are really great at what they do and they can help you. Our services include only the finest of all paints so that you will never get a less than perfect paint job. You won’t find a more straight forward billing policy anywhere.

Our painting services are both affordable and honest. We offer all clients a free in home estimate and what we quote you is what you pay. We never pad your bills and you will never see any hidden fees. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and Tim Siegel personally stands by any job that we perform. So if you are in need of a professional painting service, look no further than Five Star Painting.

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Why Five Star Painting of Springfield, VA

  • On Budget: Our painting contractors guarantee to stand by our estimate price from start to finish, so you can feel comfortable knowing how much our painting services will cost
  • On Time: We recognize that your time is important and we will strive to respect your time throughout our service
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind are your beautiful walls
  • Licensed and Insured: Our licensing and insurance helps protect you if an accident occurs on your property
  • Experienced: Our painters average over 15 years of experience!

About Five Star Painting of Springfield, VA

Springfield House Painters Are you are in search of reliable, friendly, professional house painters in Springfield, VA? Five Star Painters are just who you are looking for all manners of interior or exterior paint jobs. From commercial structures to apartment buildings and homes, Five Star’s consummate professionals of Springfield will beautifully transform your residence or building. Our house painters are highly-trained experts who possess all the skills and qualifications to give your place a perfect paint makeover.

This is a local business operated by Tim Siegel, dedicated to professionalism, customer service, timeliness, and results. We are completely respectful of your property, and make sure every job done by our painters is of high-quality and up to your standard.

To emphasize our degree of professionalism, we make sure to keep your home or business completely clean while we minimize and reduce clutter and noise. Your satisfaction is what means most to us, so expect us to complete the job on time, on budget, and with impeccable service. And we understand how important this is to you and yours, therefore we treat your house or business or space with the utmost respect the entire time we are there.

We at Five Star Painting commit ourselves to delivering a perfectly applied, fresh coat of paint to whatever surfaces you need done. And being that our goal is to deliver quality, we want you to enjoy our handiwork for years to come. With professionalism and the best paint products on the market, you can rest assured our paint jobs will hold up for years.

If you are at all confused about what colors to choose and where you want these colors applied, we are here to guide you. Our color expert will speak with you and together you will determine which colors apply to your home, personality, or business. We have every color imaginable and in any combination. We will help you come to a decision painlessly.

Five Star Painting is one of the fastest-growing international services, spanning four countries and still growing rapidly. Reason being? The care and effort we put in to our projects. We have won several business awards for growth and innovation. Believe me when I tell you, Five Star Painting is not your typical painting contractors. We go above and beyond.

Give Five Star Painting a call today for a free, on-site house painting estimate. Using specializes software based on customer reviews, we give you an easy-to-understand estimate detailing and explaining the entire project. Our painting contractors in Springfield, VA are dedicated to you.

Springfield’s Best Residential House Painters

 Springfield House Painters Living RoomFive Star respectable and highly-trained house painters in Springfield, VA understand that your home is where you rest and that it is a reflection of yourself and your family. We pride ourselves in giving your house a top-notch paint job, and living up to whatever standards it is that you have envisioned. Let us provide you with the paint job you deserve.

We at five star protect your house. Of course we are going to make your house look sharp, fresh, and polished, but we will also protect your house from all the elements with our paint jobs. Not only that, we address the problem surfaces thoroughly. Whether we have to apply extra paint to certain sections of your home, or caulking to repair cracked surfaces, we will have everything looking fresh, uniform and defended from all weather. We also have latex-based paint that provides an even stronger seal and layer of protection.

Interior: When Five Star painters arrive at your home, we treat your family and residence with the utmost respect. We are a tidy, friendly, well-dressed group of professionals that will do our absolute best to maintain a quiet and clean environment for you. Rest assured that while your house undergoes a great makeover and freshening up, you can still rest comfortably in your home.

We make the entire process quick, simple, and painless. If anything arises, feel free to speak with one of our friendly and professional painters. We will give you a detailed breakdown of the entire process that’s easy to understand, a quote and explanation behind the pricing, and can even help you choose colors if you would like us to.

Exterior: When it comes to the neighbors, your own comfort, or friends and relatives visiting, the exterior of your house is important. Impressions do count. It is almost as if your house is on a job interview. We will provide to you the perfectly-pressed suit for your home’s first impressions that charm your guests and leaves a lasting impression about you and your beautiful home.

We at Five Star understand that the exterior of your house has to be visually appealing, but it doesn’t stop there; we have to keep your home protected and in prime shape. We are educated in the the erosion and damage weather and climate can cause. You can be confident that we will shield you from the elements while making your house look polished and vibrant.

It is no mere coincidence that we are considered to be Springfield’s best painters. We are prideful of our work and dedicated to our customers, so we guarantee the enrichment of your home in both aesthetics and value.

We provide other services:

  • We can pressure wash your home, porches, walkways, and decks
  • We provide concrete cleaning services
  • Not only can we power-wash your deck, but we also provide a deck restoration service
  • Garages are part of your home and we paint all surfaces, therefore we also provide garage floor coatings
  • We do carpentry repairs on rotting wood
  • When Fall rolls around, we provide gutter-cleaning services

Call us today to speak with our Five Star House Painters in Springfield, VA or contact us online for a free, on-site house painting estimate.

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Springfield, VA

Springfield Commercial Painting ContractorsFive Star Painting offers great professional painting contractors in Springfield who know the power of a fresh coat of paint. Five Star Painting understands just how important image can be to a commercial building. That’s why we try our best to offer vibrant colors that really make a difference for your employees and customers. Let us transform your event center, educational facility, medical office, or apartment complex into a great looking building!

  • Interior Commercial Painters: Some businesses don’t change their décor for decades. This makes it hard to respect the building and for employees to take pride in their work. Five Star Painting strives to offer you the best colors that compliment your business logo in order to re-energize your workplace. Your staff will appreciate the vibrant colors.

  • Exterior Commercial Painters: Every business needs curb appeal to attract new customers. Even when customers don’t necessarily see your building in person, there is still a good chance they know what it looks like thanks to digital programs like Google Maps. Your customers want to see a photogenic building, not something that is old-fashioned. Give Google and your customers something beautiful with a modern paint job.

Every one of our Springfield painting contractors strives to respect your workspace and facility. We are clean and professional and will always show up to your commercial project looking our best. We work to help you maintain a clean, professional environment as we add a fresh layer of paint.

Springfield Commercial Painting Services can include:

  • Heavy-duty, hygienic protection and paint
  • Plaster, wood, or drywall repairs
  • Wall paper services and installation
  • High-durability coatings on lockers, stadium seating, bathroom partitions, floors
  • Surface cleaning and preparation
  • Full exterior painting on any surface including cement, wood, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, and block
  • Full interior painting in any room, hallway, entryway, or ceiling
  • Industrial-strength coating

Visit Five Star Painting online to get a free on-site estimate right away. We use cutting-edge technology to help provide you with an accurate, easy-to-read estimate. Color can easily transform the look and feel of a commercial building into something you can be proud to show off. Contact our professional painting contractors in Springfield, VA today!

On top of interior and exterior house painting, we offer additional services to beautify your home and yard including:

Additional services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Carpentry Work and Wood Rot Repairs
  • Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

FREE House Painting Estimate

House Painters of SpringfieldShould local residents be interested in getting a new house painter for their next project, then Five Star House Painting of Springfield should be at the top of any list. Since we have become one of the fastest growing painting companies in the area, we have opted to provide a whole host of options to for local residents. Five Star will know how consumers can add the best layer of paint to a home. Our team is committed to helping meet the needs of our staff, which will help ensure that the necessary steps are taken to handle a painting project.

Consumers can use the site estimate to quickly predict how much they might pay for these services. The service itself will be quick and professional. Our team will be ready to finish the job in a quiet manner soon.

When we transform the walls of your home, you will be able to choose the color scheme that you want to get. Our team will be able to help people transform the look of a home and prepare it for everyone’s needs going forward. We can offer people the expertise that they need complete a major project.

With Five Star of Springfield, our team will be able to meet time quotas imposed on consumers. We will be committed to helping contractors get the top painting work that needs to be done.

Following cleanliness, timeliness and budgetary needs are a major component of this company. Five Star house painting in Springfield, VA can provide consumers with a free estimate. This will secure a no obligation offer that will help people decide whether they might want to continue. We can actually knock off 10% for this job! Feel free to request an estimate now.

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