Delightful Decks: Providing Beauty to Your Home's Exterior

As the grilling season begins and the swimming pools open for the summer, the outdoor deck becomes a centerpiece of any home’s backyard. Are you looking to add an exquisite feel to your backyard this summer or just provide a place to sit back and relax for the guests?

Take a look at some of our favorite deck design tips to get the perfect deck you want for those long summer days.

The Perfect Seat. Providing a variety of areas to sit is important to creating the right atmosphere on any outdoor deck. Try incorporating lounge chairs, an outdoor sofa or a picnic bench to meet the needs of all your guests.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. Flowers provide a beautiful array of color to your outdoor patio or deck. Matching flower colors with the exterior of your home goes a long way in providing a comfortable atmosphere outside.

Add color to your deck floor. Adding a different color or pattern to your deck floor is a neat way to innovate and reigaigorate your outdoor deck. Consider matching your outdoor furniture with the color tones of the deck. Staining or painting a deck provides different options to the design of your home’s exterior.

Water and Fire. Water can add peace and tranquility to any backyard setting, whether it’s a swimming pool, hot tub or fountain. As dusk approaches, consider lighting your backyard with candles or outdoor torches. The glow of a patio fire pit on a peaceful summer night can also provide the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor deck.

It’s your deck. Always remember it’s your space to rest and relax and you know what you like best. From swinging hammocks to BBQ grills, make the most of your deck this summer!