Photo of two children drawing on white walls

The Color of Life

From the days of our childhood color meant something. Color meant creation. We started with colorful crayons to fit our tiny hands. We asked our friends what their favorite color was and we were ready to respond when the question came our way. We played with finger paint and used our hands to create a masterpiece. Some of us may have even wound up in trouble coloring on the walls.

Child Coloring Picture with Crayon on Colored Paper

Childrens' Hands Covered in Green, Blue and Yellow Paint After Finger Painting

In the transition of the stages of life, color fills its own role. Before long, we begin to dress with color in mind – matching this color with that color. Some of us begin to grab a hold of a camera, taking pictures filled with a variety of colors. Others of us even begin to use advanced computer software to color our computer screens with images and digital creations.

Image of Woman on Ladder Painting a Neutral Sky with Splashes of Bright Colors

Colorful Meanings

As life continues, color begins to take greater depth and meaning. The colors of our school or favorite sport teams mean something to us. That car looks nice, but imagine it in this color? I like this dress, but I want it in blue. This tie makes a statement.

We associate colors with major life events. What are my wedding colors? It’s our first house – what color should we paint the family room? Is it a baby girl or a baby boy?

Wedding Table Adorned with Lavender Colored Placements

So, what is color? Color is a part of who we are – a part of our personality. Color represents the creative elements of our lives and the world around us. Color brings out the best in flowers. Color brings out the best in the changing seasons: the whites of winter to the blossoming greens of spring and the calming blue skies of summer to the changing shades of fall.

Light Purple Flower

What’s your Color?

Bring out the color in you! Bring out the color in your home! Paint your walls according to the colors that help define you.

Do nature and the outdoors represent an inner passion? Paint your home with a natural color scheme.

Warm Beige and Dark Wood Living Room with Windows Overlooking a Lake

Are you vibrant in character? Bring out your walls with colors that pop!

Bedroom Accent Wall with Blue, Gray and Black Painted Stripes

Do certain colors get your creative juices flowing? Create a new design scheme with creative colors, unique art and fun decor. Use your imagination!

Couch and TV in an Orange Colored Room

The meaning of color is different for everyone. Highlight your life and your home with colors that have meaning to you!