Photo of a colorful living room with a dark pink chair, pattered accent wall, and purple and white ceiling

Colorful Ceilings: A Simple Twist for Any Room

The overhead interior of a room is oftentimes forgotten, but plays an essential role in the look and feel of any room. Adding a new color to the ceiling can provide the extra touch you’re looking for to update the interior of your home. From solid colors to unique and trendy designs, check out these neat ceiling ideas that can transform your home.

Bland to Grand

Adding a ceiling design to a hallway or tight corridor can brighten up any bland area of your home. Utilizing your overhead light fixtures as a centerpiece for your ceiling design is a great way to display the light in your home.

Neutral Room with a Bright Blue Ceiling

Take Baby Steps

Solid colors that parallel the colors on the wall can look beautiful overhead. If you’re worried about making the jump to a solid ceiling color in the dining room or master bedroom, try it out in a closet or bathroom and see if it fits the look you want.

Ready to make the jump. Transform your living room or family room with a fresh new look overhead.

Beige Family Room with White Beam Ceilings

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master bedrooms with vaulted ceilings look beautiful with the right combination of colors. You may look at the ceiling in your bedroom more than you think while lying in bed. Adding the perfect color can bring a new element to your bedroom that you’ve never before experienced.

Master Bedroom with Mint Walls and Light Yellow Ceiling

Shades of green and white can add a new twist to the interior design of your bedroom.

Kitchen Delight

As one of the busiest rooms of your home, the kitchen is a place where guests, family members and friends commonly gather together. Stir up more than the cookie dough in your kitchen and add a fresh serving of color to your ceiling.

Geometric Patterned Ceiling in a Light Blue Kitchen