Photo of a bedroom with a sloping ceiling and striped white and green walls

New Year. New Color.

With a New Year in full swing, what colors will fill your lifestyle in 2014? Every year we experience elements of change, and so does color! From the whites of winter to the blossoming greens of spring and the calming blue skies of summer to the changing shades of fall, color is constantly moving. While our lives are filled with a vast variety of opportunities, challenges and ideas, the circle of color is filled with a vast variety of shades, tones and hues. It’s a New Year with new opportunity. It’s a New Year for new color.

Color Currents
What’s in and what’s out for the New Year? Natural colors are in, while ubiquitous white walls are out. Do you like the sandy colors of the beach, the natural browns and greens of outdoor camping, the purple and pinks common to blossoming flowers, or the dark blue sky of a long, summer day? Bring the outdoors inside through a natural color scheme.

Color Currents

New Color Trends

2014 Colors of the Year

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant OrchidLink opens in a new tab

Sherwin-Williams 2014 Color of the Year: Exclusive Plum (SW 6263)Link opens in a new tab

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2014: Breath of Fresh Air 806Link opens in a new tab

Style Signs

Long and gone are the days of clunky furniture and Victorian-style area rugs. In is sleek and smooth, space-saving furniture, wall decals and creative mirror designs.

Style Signs

To add a boost of personality to your walls beyond color, consider adding a new wall decal. From birds to trees to spelled-out names and phrases, add a wall decal that works for you.

Style Tips: Personality

Color your Goals

If you feel a slump starting to encroach on your New Year goals, then refresh your motivation with fresh color. What colors igaigorate you? What colors turn on the energy switch when you wake up in the morning?

Are you getting fit in the New Year? Color your home gym or exercise area. Add bright greens, sharp blues, or bold reds. Bring out the best in color to push yourself and your physical limits.

Are you strengthening your family ties in the New Year? Ask your family members what colors they would like to see on the wall in a high-traffic room such as the kitchen or living room. Choose the color as a family, and be willing to compromise.

Looking to boost productivity in 2014? Clean the home office space out and design your office with simplicity, organization and efficiency in mind. Determine which colors will help your mind to stay focused or enhance creative thinking. Decorate your walls with motivational quotes or scenic pictures.

Bold Office Paint Colors

Fill your lifestyle with colors that bring joy. Redefine and redesign elements of your home with fresh color throughout the year. As the New Year continues, we like to ask – What’s your color?