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Psychology of Color: Paint the town red!

For most homeowners and designers, selecting a paint color is generally a matter of aesthetics; however, multiple studies reveal colors as having an effect reaching far beyond what looks good. The colors in your home can potentially influence the mental and even physical state of you and your family.

According to the psychology of color, certain shades and hues can work well in some areas of your home, while not working as well in others. This week, we’re going to discuss eight ways the color RED is used (and not used) in homes, workplaces, stores and even restuarants to promote and encourage certain feelings.

1) Red is the color of energy. It stimulates brain wave activity and is associated with movement and excitement. For this reason, red is often used in a workplace or office as a brain stimulator. But be careful; if used too freely, employees may grow anxious or restless. It may be a good idea to implement a red accent wall in your office as to not overwhelm others.

2) Red has been shown to increase appetites and make food appear more appealing. If you’re watching what you eat, red may not be a good color to paint your kitchen; however, if you often entertain guests, red can be a great color to use in your dining room.

Red Dining Room

3) Restaurants have caught on to the effects of the color red, which is why you will see it used frequently in places to eat, from fast food to fine dining. Stores also tend to use the color red because studies have shown it increases urgency in shoppers. This is why you often see the color used near clearance and sale items.

4) A great place to use red in your home is the living room. Red is one of the “warm” colors (red, yellow and orange) that encourages feelings of comfort. It also is thought to stimulate conversation. Red is a perfect color to use in a place where you’d like people to sit around and talk.

Red Living Room

5) You may think of red as being a great color to use in your home gym because it is the color of energy, but if used too much, red can actually have a negative effect on physical activity. Red has been shown to speed up heart rate, increase blood pressure and even make those around it experience shortness of breath. Because it is also a warm color, it commonly makes people feel too hot when working out.

6) Maybe red isn’t the right color to use in a gym, but its warmth is great to utilize when winterizing your home.Red is a cozy color that is perfect to lock the warmth in when it turns cold outside.

7) As you can probably imagine, red is not an ideal color for a child or baby’s room. Because it’s such a strong color, it can sometimes be overwhelming for small children and may cause them to become overly excited.

8) Whether it’s used on a wall, dress, car or even on a label, red is an attention getter. If you have an area of your home, like a nook or foyer, that you want to draw attention to, use red as a base or accent color.

Red Foyer