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Pink Color Design

Have you ever considered adding pink to your walls? Is pink the favorite color of the little princess in your home? From bright pink to pale pink, check out some of our ideas for using pink in your home!

Pink Color Design

Color Combinations

Try complimenting other colors with pink. From pink and purple to pink and white, try finding the right pink combination for your specific design ideas. If you’re looking for flair and fireworks with pink, choose a bright and bold pink. If you’re looking for a more calming feel, select a pale pink hue.

Pink Decor

Pink Decor

If adding pink to the walls is too much, consider complementing white walls with pink furniture and bedding. Add pink sheets, pillows, rugs, lamps or drapery to bring out the right amount of pink you’re looking for.

Pink Home Decor

Pink Design Decor

Looking for a simple touch of pink? Consider adding pink in one of the smaller rooms of your home – the bathroom. If Valentine’s Day is nearing, accent the walls with pink towels and a pink shower mat.

Pink Decor Accents