Photo of a mirror and side table in a home's entrance hallway

Hallway Refresh Part 2: Hallway Décor Ideas and Tips

In my last post, Hallway Refresh Part 1: Hallway Décor Ideas and Tips, I covered painting ideas and color concepts including: how to change the visual dimension of a hallway using warm and cool colors and stripes, and how light and dark color choices will affect the sense of space and brightness. Today we will discuss accessories and details that can be added to further enhance the visual space of your hallway.

Adding a mirror to the end of the hall will make it appear more spacious. If there is a window in your hallway, a strategically placed mirror on the wall opposite the window and offset by half the width of the window will reflect the light further and increase the sense of space in the room

.Hallway Refresh: Mirrors

If the idea of seeing your reflection as you pass by doesn’t appeal to you then try a piece of art depicting a landscape or a room. It will help add depth to the hallway and give the eye further to travel making it seem like there is more space.

Hallway Refresh: Art

Another thing to consider are the doors. Depending on the age of your home, you may have flat panel doors which sometimes look outdated. If replacing the doors is not an option, try updating the look of the doors by adding molding to give them the appearance of paneled doors, give the doors a new coat of paint and some newer doorknobs and viola! Your hallways will look great. For a step-by-step guide to adding molding to your doors see the video at the end of this post.

Hallway Refresh: Doors
Give a hallway like this an update by adding molding, paint and new doorknobs to flat panel doors.

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Better lighting is a good idea in any room. Especially in a hallway where there are no direct sources of natural light. The height of the ceilings in your hallway will help determine the light fixtures that are best suited to the space. Flush or semi-flush mounted lights are optimal choices for general illumination in a smaller hallway. Also, consider selecting a fixture that accepts compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs which will double the wattage output per bulb.

Hallway Refresh: Lighting

Be aware that light fixtures are built to handle a certain amount of wattage. Be sure to check what the maximum watt capacity of the light fixture is before attempting to install brighter bulbs. Too high a wattage will produce excess heat and can create a fire hazard. If you want more light than the fixture will allow for, it’s time to install a different light fixture.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the other rooms in your home. Making sure that the colors you choose for your hallway transition nicely into the connecting areas of your home will help create a sense of harmony and flow.

Hallway Refresh: Harmonize