Boy's Bedroom Makeover: Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Little Guys

After busy summer days filled with sports, music lessons, hiking trips and everything and anything in between, boys look to continue their exciting adventures at home in their bedroom. Whether sharing a room with their brother or residing in a room by themselves, these simple tips can help turn any little boy’s room into a realm of imagination.

Blue Boy's Room with Loft Bed and Walk-in Closet
Blue boys room with loft bed and walk-in closet

Boys always seem to get into things and toys can easily be misplaced. Colorful storage containers combined with cogaenient wall-mounted shelving bring organization to any room, while brightening up its surroundings.

Are both boys sharing a room? Find a common color that appeals to everyone to utilize a neutral color scheme if another brother will soon be on the way. Pictures, posters, furniture and light fixtures of all shapes and sizes will blend well amidst the neutral colors. Blue is a great color that blends well among the constant change that is occurring in a boy’s bedroom.

If you have a nice piece of furniture that just doesn’t seem to fit with the other colors in the boy’s room, just give it a new paint job. It can even be a nice summer activity to teach the boys how to paint – something they won’t forget as they see their painted treasure chest everyday in their room.