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  • Photo of a colorful fall forest by a lake, on the right are paint swatches matching the fall colors

    Seasonal Design Tips: It's fall, y'all!

    Fall is the season that takes your hand – gently leading you away from the summer sun, dazzling you with its vibrant scenery – and ...

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  • Photo of a large living room with coral accents

    White Walls: 10 New Tips on a Classic Color

    Is it time to strip your dated home design and start all over with a blank new canvas? There’s no better place to start than with ...

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  • Cleaning hardwood floors

    How To Clean Hardwood Floors - The Easy And Effective Way

    Have you ever wondered How to clean hardwood floors in your home properly? When choosing flooring for your home or apartment, ...

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  • Photo of a bedroom in the evening

    8 Bedroom Design Tips to Help You Sleep Better: Part 1

    Your bedroom should be the sanctuary of sleep, a mecca to one of the most important daily activities of every creature on the ...

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