Photo of a colorful fall forest by a lake, on the right are paint swatches matching the fall colors

Seasonal Design Tips: It's fall, y'all!

Fall is the season that takes your hand – gently leading you away from the summer sun, dazzling you with its vibrant scenery – and eventually dumps you off at winter before you’ve even realized what has happened. The unique vibrance of this season sets it apart from all others, as the trees evolve from their familiar greens to new, fiery oranges and indescribable yellows. The crisp air, the fall foliage, the cool nights, it’s as if the entire Earth around you is evolving.

Don’t let the beauty and transition of fall stop at your front door. Is it time for you to change colors, too? Take some tips from the best art teacher around, Mother Nature.

ORANGES. Tired of your boring bedroom? Just splash some orange on a wall to completely transform the entire room.

Orange Seasonal Painting Tips

Orange is a powerful color that can say a lot, even if used very little. Start by applying orange to an accent wall. Soften the tone of the vibrant color by contrasting with light, neutral colors such as white, or pastels. Orange is a great color to use in a small space, such as a nook or laundry room.

Bright Orange Design Tips for Painting

Brighter shades of orange may be used as fun accent walls for children’s rooms and nurseries.

PLUMS. Plum is a fun fall color that can be used in many different color combinations. Variations of plums and mustard yellows can be a trendy combination not just in fall wardrobes, but also within the walls of your own home.

Plum Seasonal Painting Tips

Plums and eggplants are great base colors that can be given an elegant touch by adding an overlaying motif or wall hangings (such as the picture frames above).

Darker Seasonal Painting Design Tips

Be careful when using darker shades. If the room is not well lit with windows and sky lights, the wrong shade of plum can create a dreary scene.

YELLOWS. Yellow is a diverse color that, when applied in a pale shade, can create a Victorian, country feel; however, when used in a bright and pure form, the color can give a modern feel to any room.

Bright Paint Design Tips

Pale shades of yellow can work for any room, but are particularly charming in breakfast nooks, dining rooms and sitting areas.

Interior Home Paint Design Tips

Yellow can also be used in an interesting part of your home as an attention getter. A vibrant shade of yellow is not easily avoided.

Don’t be afraid to bring the beautiful colors of fall inside your house! What better time to welcome change into your home and your life than during a season whose theme is such? Have fun, and enjoy it. It’s fall, y’all!