Photo of carved pumpkin lanterns

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Startle your guests with the spook of Halloween

Fall colors and weather sets the mood for Halloween festivities. It’s time to enjoy pumpkin crafts and hang up spiderwebs. Haunting creatures in white or black hanging from your porch might add the right touch to your Halloween decorations. Surprise your visitors with unexpected details.

Here are some creepy but not-gross Halloween decoration ideas. Make your Halloween a party to remember throughout the year. Keep your creepy decorations tasteful and classy. Avoid horror and gore that will turn off visitors and deter trick-or-treaters from approaching. Halloween is suppose to be fun for everyone.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkins are to Halloween as Santa Claus is to Christmas – neither is complete without the other. Welcome your guests with jack-o-lanterns lighting up your porch with their fearsome faces. Light the way to your spooky abode with an army of these orange creations. Kids will love helping to carve out pumpkins and design their faces on paper. Make sure to involve them in the lighting ceremony. The best part is seeing the finished product light up the night.

Graveyard of Broken Dreams

Give your yard the spooky element it’s missing with tombstones marking the resting place of fictitious martyrs. This could be done with cardboard and grey paint. Placed these headstone in a loose cluster along the path to your porch. Add spiderwebs and bones as needed to complete the look.

Creepy Parlor

Decorate your parlor in a scary fashion giving it the look of an old house that has not been visited for ages. Add a bowl of old wrinkled apples. Place cutout silhouettes of mice in a corner of the room. Hang torn curtains, white sheets on furniture, spider webs hanging from a chandelier. Make your own creepy curtains with this simple explanationLink opens in a new tab which includes creepy staining tips.

Angsty Ancestors

The wall of fame in your house is the perfect area to play around with creepy old photos. Many black and white photos are available in the public domain. There are some pretty crazy looking people in those photos, no alterations needed to help them look creepy. Just put them in some beat-up frames and hang them up. Add spiderwebs as needed. If you want to add a dusty effect, spray the frames with gray colored hair spray or dust them with Gold Bond powder.

Creepy Curtains

Get creative with the curtains hanging on the windows. A huge black silhouette cut from a black cloth shape of an old hag or evil villain. Paste or sew the cloth on plain white curtains and dim the lights just enough to make it glow outside the window.

Head of the Dead

Wig head formsLink opens in a new tab make great props for Halloween. Drape them with white cheesecloth and hang them from the ceiling using fishing wire. They can also be used to create mummified heads. Wrap the head in cheesecloth and spraying it with strong brewed coffee to add color.

Petrifying Potions

Create the appearance that a potions master dwells in your home. Collect a variety of bottles and spray paint them in black or silver. Create labels in fitting fonts saying ‘witches brew’, ‘snake venom’ or ‘Strychnine’. Set the table with dim lights and torn cheesecloth and a few electric tea candles.

Bloodstained Candles

White candles drop white wax. For Halloween make your candles look like they melt into red blood. Melting red crayons above the candle is an easy way to create this eerie effect. When you light these candles, the glowing red effect will be sufficiently creepy to satisfy your ghoulish appetite for Halloween fun.

From Jack-o-lanterns to paper mice, Halloween has its own unique feel. Make your Halloween decorations using some of these ideas to add to the fun of the season. Share you Halloween decoration ideas below.