Used Blue Boot Planter Hanging on a White Fence Holding a Flowering Plant

5 Tips to Stylize your Spring

Spring has arrived and it’s time to stylize your home - inside and out! Step into spring with these 5 simple tips to decorate your home and yard space.

1. Turn old boots into outdoor flower decor

Do you have an old pair of rain boots you no longer use? Don’t throw them away just yet! Add some flair to your outside fence, front porch, or back patio with flower boot decor.

Plant Growing in a Colored Boot on a Wall

Create your flower boot in 3 simple steps:

  1. Drill holes in bottom of boot
  2. Add soil to boot and plant flowers
  3. Hang the boot on a fence with a nail, or simply lay the boot sole-down on the ground

Multiple Plants Growing out of Boots Hanging on a Wall

2. Flowerpot Repaint

Are your flowerpots looking a little dull? Revitalize the look of your flowerpots by adding some fresh color. Paint your flowerpots with bright and vibrant spring colors: blues, greens, oranges, yellows and pinks. Be creative!

Colorful Potted Plants

Fresh flowers always look great around the home – inside and outside.

Potted Garden and Watering Can

3. Lemon and Lime Decor

Lemons and limes can be used to create a variety of simple decor elements in your home. Not to mention, they are relatively inexpensive, smell great and can add a nice touch of yellow and green to your home.

Create a Lemon/Lime Flower bowl in 5 steps:

  1. Find a relatively shallow decor bowl
  2. Cut a lemon and/or lime in slices
  3. Add water to the bowl and layer the water with lemon/lime slices
  4. Cut flower stems 2 to 3 inches away from the flower petals, and place in bowl
  5. Arrange as desired

White Flowers

Other Lemon/Lime Decor Ideas

Hold down napkins with lemons and limes when eating outside or on outdoor picnics.

Lemon and Lime

Simply place lemons and limes in a decorative bowl. Use as a table centerpiece or decor element inside or outside of your home.

Lemons and Limes in a Fruit Bowl

4. Match furniture and pillows with flowers and vases

A simple touch of color coordination can make for a nice arrangement of decor within your home. Match your favorite spring colors among various elements of decor and furniture.

Living Room with Colorful Decor

Family Room With Colorful Decor

5. Declutter and Simplify

Feeling a little cluttered after the winter season? Get rid of the clutter and organize your home. Consider adding some bright and simple organizing elements such as pen and pencil holders, a shiny bucket to place your incoming mail, or a colorful bowl in the kitchen to display and share your fruit. From your home office to garage, a little spring-cleaning and organizing can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your home.

Green Desk with Flowers

Looking for more?

Add a fresh coat of color to your home with spring colors in mind. Whether it’s your bedroom or a hallway, spice up your home’s look with fresh paint and new wall colors. Let the spring roll on!

Lightly Painted Blue Bedroom

Blue Wall in a Family Room