5 Cutest Painted Valentine's

It’s finally February and Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Paint a valentine for your loved ones with these five fun DIY crafts! Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a gift from the heart. Check out the two ideas below we tried our hand at creating!

Paint Swatch Valentine Craft

Paint Swatch Valentine

This is a clean alternative to a painted craft. All you need is a hole punch, string and your choice of colored paint swatches or chips. Punch holes, or even a heart-shaped hole, into the paint swatches and turn it into a bookmark with a sweet note.

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Sponge Heart Valentine

Sponge Heart Valentine Craft

Soak up the love with a sponge craft that is perfect for kids! Cut a household sponge into the shape of a heart, dip it in paint, and then press it into paper for a simple valentine. If you’d rather, you can sponge paint the entire paper, and then cut out a heart for the perfect valentine.

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There are plenty of other fun Valentine’s Day DIY craft ideas! Check out the list of research we completed below:

Thumb Print Valentine

A gift from the heart can also come from your thumbs! Dip your thumbs in paint then press onto to paper, adding whatever additions you’d like with a permanent marker to make this craft unique to you.

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Eraser Heart Valentine

Make a card or tote bag for this colorful craft. Dip the eraser of a standard pencil in paint and add your own style by mixing paint colors to create different shades of red and pink.

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Glass Jar Valentine

If you’re going for a valentine with a vintage look, a painted glass jar is the craft for you. Distressing a glass jar will take a bit more time to complete, but the end result is a gift that is timeless. You can fill your jar with flowers, conversation candy, chocolate, or whatever else your heart desires.

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