Photo of a nursery with pink and green accents

Best Paint Colors for Your Nursery

Every new mom wants only the best for her baby. New families often celebrate their newly arrived member by decorating the nursery, choosing soothing and supportive colors. Nursery decor helps to affect mood, colors, warmth and texture. This is why so many choose the soft tones of pastels with blues, lavenders, pinks, whites or yellows, all according to the emotions each family wants to evoke.

Of course, when considering paints, the colors radiate only for as long as the paint quality will allow. For durable, lasting nursery colors, you should consider the environmentally safe approaches offered by Five Star Painting.

Durability and Sustainability

Being aware of the components making up the paint you choose is important. Ask for information about low-VOC or no-VOC paint options.CLICK HERE to read more about the health and environmental factors associated with the type of paint you choose. Let Five Star Painting bring your nursery designs to life. We use experienced and professional crews who will handle all your new addition updates, and will complete it in a timely fashion.

Choosing the Right colors

How much color should go into a nursery? Will it be too bright? Will there be enough stimulation? These are some of the most common questions mothers ask when wondering how color affects their baby.

There is still a lot of scientific discussion and conflict about how color affects infants, while there is also endless evidence showing how color affects adults. Marketing executives have poured millions into this research. It’s no coincidence that most fast food restaurants are red and yellow—because these colors have the ability to make you feel more hungry.

baby nursery colors, best colors for nurserySmart mothers move to take advantage of all this research. They are also quick to use it in the nursery. While your baby may not perceive colors the same way we do for a while, they will when they get older. As many marketing experts have proven—color does affect us.

Here’s a quick review of basic color theory and how it can help you choose the right paint color for your child’s nursery;

Orange – Orange feels soothing, warming and comfortable. This color promotes welcoming feelings while inspiring interpersonal conversation.

Yellow – Yellow is a naturally happy color, reminding viewers of the sun. It’s uplifting and bright, but use with caution. Too heavy of a use, or too bright of a yellow can cause irritation or agitation for a newborn or infant. Subtle uses of yellow helps to encourage concentration and emotionally charged thoughts.

Green – A green hue is great to use to make a learning environment. It promotes a sense of growth, health, calmness, thinking and concentration. Green ties to nature, and well being.

Blue – Blue can feel calming and soothing. If you have a baby prone to fussiness, a blue hue could help! Blue is also shown to increase productivity, likely because it helps offset feelings of stress associated with work. Feeling overwhelmed by round-the-clock care for your baby? Blue might be a comfort to you as well.

White – White is angelic and sweet. If you are looking for a room full of personality, but want to keep the walls neutral, use splashes of colors in the bedding, wall art and other accessories.

Pink – This is the universal color of all girls. Pink is very calming as well, especially with children who are prone to having fits or tantrums.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Feeling inspired and want to bring your nursery project to life? DIY is the new trend, and you’ll find plenty of painting best practices shared here on our Five Star Painting blog. But, if you find yourself short on time between creating registries, buying diapers and attending newborn prep classes, you may want to consider calling in the professionals. If you're not sure whether you should paint while pregnant, definitely refer to your doctor's instructions.Also, we have a blog on that very topic! We’re here to help your family create a welcoming space for its new, sweet bundle of joy! CLICK HERE to schedule your free estimate.