Blog Posts in 2021

  • Smiling woman holding a paint-roller in her hand while her husband is applying blue paint to the living room wall using a paint brush.

    Winter Blues? These Cheery Paint Colors Can Help

    For many people around the world, winter can be a very gray and dreary season. A long winter can leave you feeling uninspired and ...

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  • Brick wall painted with red paint

    Can You Remove Paint from Brick?

    Whether you got caught up in a recent design trend to paint your brick fireplace or you just errantly splashed some paint, you now ...

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  • Person applying stain with a brush to a birch wood bench

    How to Finish Baltic Birch Plywood

    Baltic birch plywood is a great material that can be used for a wide array of home projects; from cabinets to bookcases. Using it ...

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  • Rotating wire brush tool used to remove paint from metal

    Best Way to Remove Paint from Metal

    You have been looking at that faded metal chair on your deck for a few weeks now and finally decided it’s time to either paint it ...

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