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  • Person hand sanding drywall to prep for painting

    Should I Sand Between Coats of Paint?

    Is that living room looking a little dated? Maybe your bathroom is getting a little dingy. There are many reasons why interior ...

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  • Woman using white paint marker to paint holiday deer on window with snow falling outside.

    How to Paint Window Glass to Decorate for the Holidays

    You’ve hung the holiday decorations with care, plugged in the lights, and decorated the mantel … what’s next? The windows! ...

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  • Vintage white commode bureau furniture with faded and some paint peeled off.

    What Is Rustic Style in Interior Design

    When the time comes to change up your house’s style, there are plenty of options to choose from. And although many of us can ...

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  • Person painting a metal fence with a small brush.

    6 Things You Should Before Painting Metal

    Whether it’s furniture, hardware for doors or drawers, or a piece that you plan to add to your home décor, you might find yourself ...

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