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  • Exterior wall with paint that is cracking and bubbling

    How to Prevent and Fix Paint Bubbling on Your Wall

    When it comes to painting, nothing is more frustrating than those little mistakes that go unnoticed until after the job is done. ...

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  • Modern playroom with toys and white easel. Stars hanging from the ceiling.

    What Is Antimicrobial Paint and Is It Safe for Your Home?

    You may have heard of antimicrobial paint but may not be sure what it does, how effective it is, or whether it’s safe to use. ...

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  • Room containing a small white table, pastel color chairs, sofa and wall.

    Pastel Paint Colors for Walls Throughout Your Home

    Pastels may seem a bit intimidating but adding them to the walls of your home is a fun way to brighten up small or dark rooms ...

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