When It’s Time for New Paint

For any homeowner, it may come naturally to look for problems with the home to see what needs repaired or improved. This can also be the case when it comes to your home’s painting. There are some signs to look for that would indicate it is time for a new paint job. Here are some of the things you should look for with regard to your paint.


In many cases, paint tends to fade over time due to a number of factors. This can give it a dull appearance. If you want the paint job to be bright and vibrant as it once was, you should consider adding a new coat of paint.


How long has the paint been on the home or in the room? Over the years, the paint can become affected. If you struggle to remember the last time you painted your home, it may be best to add new paint to help give it a modern feel.


If the paint is peeling away from the walls, it could be a sign of more problems with the paint in the future. Catch it before it becomes too much of an issue. Provide a fresh paint to your home to ensure it is good to go for the long term.


When paint begins to crack, especially towards the base, it is a good sign that you are in need of a fresh coat of paint. This can be a simple crack, or it could cover from one area to another. Providing a new coat of paint can help with this issue.

Whenever you need a new paint job, you need to ensure that the job is done right. This is where our Boca Raton painters can come in to help you. At Five Star Painting of Boca Raton, we have the skill to provide interior and exterior painting of the highest quality. We start with proper preparation of all surfaces to ensure proper application for a long-lasting finish. And, we back up our work with a written warranty. You can trust that when you turn to us, we complete the job on time and on budget. And we are properly insured, so the project is worry free for you!

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