Why You Should Paint Your New South Florida Home

If you have just purchased a home in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, or Boynton Beach, odds are there are some tasks that you want to complete regarding changing up the home to fit your style and personality. Many homeowners think of remodeling, but they may not think about painting. There are some reasons to consider painting your new south Florida home, though, so it should be something to consider.

  • Life of the paint: Because you may not know when the paint on the home was applied, you can add a new coat (or color) to prolong the duration of the paint job. You’ll know how long it will be before the paint will start to wear down.
  • Add your own personal flair: You want your home to fit your personality. If the current color doesn’t do that — either inside or out — you may want to add in some colors that are more suited to your desires. This can be accomplished quickly when the house is empty.
  • Worn down paint: In some situations, the home may be a fixer upper and the paint may be wearing down. If this is the case and you notice there are chips or cracking paint falling from the home, it is recommended to provide a new coat.
  • Easy before moving in: If you have just purchased the home, it is best to paint before moving in your furniture. This avoids having to remove everything or cover it up. It provides the easiest setting for you — or for the professionals — to get the job done and it is often less expensive!

Our team at Five Star Painting of Boca Raton has the skill to provide the paint you need inside or outside of your new south Florida home. We can help you select the right paints to meet your goals and budget. We will do the job right and warranty our work. Our Five Star Painting team can help make your new home into your dream home

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