Most Popular Paint Colors & Types for Your Boca Raton Kitchen

When people think of Boca Raton and the colors associated with it, they often think of vibrant colors. There is even a Boca Raton blue. However, when you are considering colors for your kitchen in your Boca Raton home, it is important to look at the whole picture. Here are some colors so you can break away from the mundane.

Choosing a Paint Color

With many Boca Raton residents loving the ocean, there are some colors inspired by the water. One potential color to use is tidewater. This is a light blue color that can be perfect for the base of islands and the cabinets. It fits with other vibrant colors that can be used for the backsplash and other accents.

Another potential color to use is South Beach. This perfect for accent colors such as on the walls inside glass-front cabinets. It gives the feel of fresh air and calmness. Paired with a white or grey color can put the entire kitchen together.

Also matching the ocean theme would be a coral reef color accenting your kitchen. There are so many places where this color can be used and it keeps a calm mood in one of the busiest places in your home. It is a great color that all homeowners in Boca Raton can utilize on backsplash areas, on bars, and even on the dishes or stools in the kitchen.

Choosing a Paint Type

When you are painting a room where food is prepared and sometimes consumed, it is important to have a clean and fresh wall that you can easily wash. This means picking a washable paint so you can clean up easily without concern. Also, ensuring you are selecting a low VOC can cut down the amount of time you have to deal with paint odors. This way you can get back to your daily routine as quickly as possible.

Finally, our team has the ability to use a new anti-microbial paint. This helps to remove many of the germs and bacteria we encounter. This is important to the safety and health of anyone in the kitchen and your home.

When it comes time to paint your Boca Raton kitchen, rely on professionals who know how to get the job done right. Helping you make practical decisions, as well as important artistic choices is what we do best. At Five Star Painting of Boca Raton, we can provide you with the information you need to select the correct colors and paint types, and apply the paint effectively. You can trust your kitchen to our team.

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