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  • A paint roller sits in a bucket on top of a ladder in front on a painted exterior wall

    Exterior Home Checklist: What to Do Before Painters Arrive

    Believe it or not, there is more to do when painting your home’s exterior than simply ordering up a paint crew. If you’re planning ...

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  • Exterior of a home being painted by a painter on a ladder

    When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Home in Florida?

    Painting your home can be a huge investment of time, money, and energy, so of course you want to do things right. But when is the ...

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  • Florida Home Exterior

    Home Exterior Painting: Why Prep & Painters Are a Must

    Exterior painting can provide so much more than just color to your home. It offers the opportunity to restore its luster and look ...

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  • 10 Home Paint Colors You Should Consider for Your Exterior

    10 Home Exterior Paint Colors You Should Consider

    Sticking to the same old colors on your home's exterior has been a safe choice, but it can also be boring and far from your unique ...

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