How to Store Leftover Paint

Many times after a project has been completed you have leftover paint.  This is never a bad thing; it comes in handy when you want to do touch-ups or matching for another room.  There are some key factors to remember when storing paint to ensure it lasts and you can reuse it when you are ready.

Paint dries out through evaporation, so it is critical to store paint limiting air exposure, once paint dries out it is unusable.  Always be sure to cover your paint when it is not in use, this helps to limit the air exposure.  Using a paint pouring spout can help to ensure you don’t get any paint on the rim, this will help with sealing the can, any paint that gets on the rim can keep the can from sealing tightly, thus potentially letting air in the can.

One trick to getting the air out of the can after you have used some is to use a clean plastic bag and lay it flat on the open can, then gently and evenly push it down until it contacts the paint, now you can put on the lid over the plastic.  This is an effective way to create a barrier between the surface of the paint and the air in the can.

Another option if there is not much paint left in the can is to move the paint into a different container that can provide a tight seal.  You want to select a container that will fill up as much as possible with the left over paint.  The fuller the container is the less amount of air that will get into the container, making your paint last longer.  Ensure you pick a container that has a secure lid like a Tupperware container.

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