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Cabinet Painting Services

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing Over New Cabinets?

Cabinets are an important aspect of a room. When they look clean and beautiful, they enhance the decor. On the other hand, older, drab cabinets can really drag an interior design down. If you have been considering cabinet replacement, then you probably have some idea of how expensive that venture can be. The good news is that Five Star Painting offers an alternative. We can clean your current cabinets, prep them, repair them as needed and then paint or stain them so that they look like new.

Many Different Types of Cabinets

It is important to note that we aren’t just referring to wood cabinets. We can prep and refinish cabinets made from a wide range of materials, including laminate and veneer. The specialists we work with are also able to refurbish many different styles of cabinets. It doesn't matter if they're wall cabinets, base cabinets, framed, frameless or stand-alone.

Unsure if your cabinets are an ideal candidate for painting or staining? Call us today at (201) 205-2700 to discuss your cabinet type and the many different options that may be available to you.

Other Surfaces Besides

The fundamental concept of cleaning, prepping and refinishing in this manner is not limited to just cabinets. Five Star Painting can apply these techniques to a wide range of other features throughout your home. Some of the other common surfaces we work with include:

• Pantries

• Bed trunks

• Closet storage

• Kitchen islands

• Integrated shelving

• Stand-alone shelving

In Practicality Any Room of the Home

One of the more common rooms where we paint cabinets is the kitchen. That includes cabinet drawers, pantry shelving, kitchen islands and so forth. Of course, the work includes the cabinet framing, drawers and doors. However, this kind of work is not limited to the kitchen. Other common areas where we refinish cabinets, shelving and other features include:

• Dens

• Garages

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Workshops

• Family rooms

• Home theaters

Cabinet resurfacing is a simple and affordable way to enjoy new cabinets in practically any room of your home. Contact us at (201) 205-2700 to schedule an in-home consultation and estimate.

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