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Should You Hire a Residential Painting Professional?

Painting a house may seem like an easy job until you get started. If you lack the expertise, you might end up damaging furniture or having a finishing that's way below your expectations. It's for these reasons that the best alternative would be to hire painting contractors. At Five Star Painting in Fairfield and Westport, we work with some of the best teams available. For a reasonable amount, you can get your home’s exterior and interior painted with the colors of your choice.

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Brightly lit living room interior with gray furniture and teal accents.

Services You Get From Residential Painting Contractors

Residential painting contractors will paint every section of your interior or exterior that you feel deserves a makeover. Interior sections like bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, and bedrooms need to remain fresh. A fresh color coat will not only make your home look great, but it can increase its value as well.

The exterior of a house can be more challenging as this is the most exposed section of any home. You might notice wood rot or rusting in some sections, especially during heavy rains. In case your house has any of these issues, the painting contractors we work with can easily fix them for you. They will begin by repairing the rotting wood sections. If necessary, they can replace the damaged wood.

Also, if the exterior of your house is too dusty or muddy, the painting contractors we hire can use a pressure wash. Pressure washing helps clear dirt off the walls before painting. Pressuring washing also helps the new coat of paint adhere to the surface better.

Other Services We Offer

You might not expect it, but most professional painters can also do minor carpentry services before they paint. The painting contractors we work with can do texture-matching, woodworking, rotting wood replacement, and re-texturing.

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