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Cabinet Painting Services

Why Replace Your Cabinets When You Can Repaint Them?

It is easy to underestimate how a paint job can renew surfaces in ways that look like a remodel but without the cost. Cabinets get so much wear and tear that we often think the only solution is to completely replace them. Before you go all out and take them out, give us a call at Five Star Painting to help you with a free estimate on having them painted.

Making the Old Look New Again

At Five Star Painting, we work with painters who are equipped and ready to help you determine the cabinets you want refinished and repainted. These painting contractors are experts in resurfacing and transforming the appearance of your cabinets. If you have been wanting to tidy up that laundry room, revitalize that kitchen or breathe new life into those bathrooms, we match the best paint crews to meet your needs.

When you evaluate the cabinets you want revitalized, consider all of the following:

•Kitchen Cabinets

•Kitchen Island and other built-in shelving

•Bathroom Cabinets

•Designated Storage

•Closet Storage

Call Five Star Painting in at (443) 275-0360 today to learn more about how you can transform your cabinets.

Let the Experts Refinish Your Cabinets for a Fresh Look

Many people believe that their outdated or worn cabinets need to be replaced. This is where professional expertise is useful to both your budget and your valuable time. When you call for an evaluation of your cabinets, you may just find that their overall structure is sound and that they just need a facelift. Avoid the mess, expense and inconvenience of replacement by letting professionals paint them instead.

Enjoy Multiple Advantages by Painting Your Cabinets

Don’t be afraid to envision a completely different look for your cabinets. We have teamed up with painters who have the expertise and the equipment to craft a complete transformation. It doesn't make sense to remove cabinets that are in good structural condition when repainting is a cost-effective option. Plus, you are not inconvenienced since there is no need to go through the hassle of ripping out your cabinets and replacing them. Painting also takes far less time to complete the transformation.

For beautiful results, call Five Star Painting in today at (443) 275-0360 to schedule an appointment.

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