How to Incorporate an Accent Wall

Through the years Home Styling trends come and go, one trend that seems to have lasted the test of time is Accent Walls.  Creating a wall that stands out is a striking addition to the rooms décor.   An accent wall is one wall that is a different color or sometimes even texture, this is usually the first wall you see when you enter a room and is considered to be the focal point of the room.  Having an accent wall gives a room character and can help give depth to the room or act as a divider between rooms. 

When deciding on an accent wall you should first think about the room’s purpose and the mood (or tone) you want to set.  Here are some reasons people add accent walls to a room. 

Separate without construction. An accent wall can offer a separation in a room without adding walls or repositioning furniture. A large area can be quickly transformed into two or more spaces by adding an accent wall.

Make small rooms seem larger. A closed in room can be opened to seem larger by changing the color of one wall, usually to a darker, more dramatic color.

Adding texture. Not all accent walls are painted. An accent wall can be brick, stone or wallpapered, adding texture and dimension to a room.

An accent wall is a great way to make a change and have something fresh and new in your environment without having to re-paint an entire room. You can tie in colors to accent pillows, art work or other décor and make it more interesting.  While accent walls can be a beautiful addition when used correctly, they can also be distracting and seem out of place if not done properly. Too bright of a color on an accent wall in an already busy room can make it feel chaotic or cluttered.  If you are trying to add an accent wall to your home to make it into something it is not, contact a professional painter to help you make the right decisions for the space you are working in.

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