Is Gray the New Neutral?

Is Gray the New Neutral?

Designers are expecting that gray, in its many variations, will be a top color choice for all types of interiors this year; in homes, elegant office settings, and just about everywhere else you will see many variations and hues.

There are many positive attributes to gray, it is so neutral that it can work alongside soft tints and bold accent colors. Gray is also very versatile is that it is neither a primary color, nor a simple combination of black and white. This makes gray tones very practical choices for designers.

Gray hues work with so many different colors that it’s easy to change the appearance of a space just by repainting an accent wall in a different hue or by adding a punch of color. You can also dress it up by adding simple accent pieces to the room in bold colors to freshen up or change the appearance of the room.

If you are wanting to use gray as your dominant color choice in a room, it’s best to start your selection with right shade for the room you are decorating. Be sure to ask the counterperson to show you the paint’s color formula so you can see the pigment colors it contains.

Using the color ‘clues’ hidden in the paint formula will help you put together a beautifully color-coordinated room, you can pick trim and accent colors based on these pigment hues. You can even use the tones when buying furnishings and accent pieces for your space.

Gray colors will give you a lot of leeway to work with when using it to decorate your rooms. There are so many shades and ways to use it that it will allow you to make your dream space warm and inviting.

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