Residential Painting Services

Don’t Overpay for a Home Painting Project

Painting a room in your house is always a joy when you see the end result. It can give you a fresh start for the new year or simply provide the perfect ambiance to any type of occasion. However, one of the most frustrating aspects of this process is figuring out just how much it will all cost. Hiring professional residential painting services may help you save a significant amount of money.

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Interior Painting

Protecting and covering your furniture and household decor is one of the main reasons to hire professionals like the painting contractors we work with. They will do the heavy work of moving objects to place them in a safe area. If the items are too heavy, they will cover them completely to avoid accidentally damaging them with paint spills.

Exterior Painting

The painting contractors we match you with are well aware of the importance of preparing the home’s exterior before applying paint. To get started, the painting contractors may need to clear away dirt and rocks around your house as well as remove chipped paint. Before applying the new paint color, the painters provide extra protection with a primer coat. Once the job is done, the painters will clean up to your satisfaction.

Service You Can Trust

Painting a home should not be a complicated project, and we make it as easy as possible with the quality contractors we hire in Hollywood, FL. Five Star Painting provides reliable, remarkable customer service and an exact estimate so that you know what you are getting when the painters arrive for your home project.

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