Cabinet Painting Services

Create a New Look

Sometimes, you do not need to paint your whole house interior to produce dramatic effects. Your home’s cabinets are one item you can have painted that will give you the overall feeling of an upgrade while preserving your cabinets in an improved condition into the future.

The Cabinets in Your Home Extend Beyond Just the Kitchen

Before you remodel or replace your cabinets, consider painting them instead! Your house contains many more cabinets than just the kitchen. Consider these areas:

• Kitchen cabinets and islands

• Bathrooms

• Built-ins

• Wall cabinets

• Bar cabinets

• Dining room cabinets

• Closet cabinets

• Cabinet drawers, doors, and more

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Choose to Paint Instead of Replace

Painting your cabinets can be the best choice when you don't want the expense of replacing them. The idea of painting your cabinets may seem a simple one, but even small errors can stand out like a sore thumb. Five Star Painting connects you with painters who understand the techniques for producing a quality finish that looks as though you had the cabinets replaced with new ones.

There Is More to Cabinet Refinishing Than Applying the Paint

Having your cabinets painted involves a little more than simply applying a coat of paint. The careful preparation work can mean the effort of stripping the finish from the wood. This work can take time, but the professionals we work with have done this before. Five Star Painting matches the painters to the requirements of your job to be sure it is completed to meet or exceed your expectations. A professional paint job is completed in far less time than you could perform it all on your own.

Five Star Painting Saves You Money

Before you attempt to take on this job yourself in an effort to save money, let Five Star Painting match you up with the right painters for the job. A professional finish will return the results you are aiming for without the painful effort needed to correct any errant attempts. You will have a lasting and beautiful paint job you will be proud to show off to friends and family.

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