Exterior Residential Painting

The Benefits of Painting Your House

We know that painting a house gives the home a fresh, new look, but moreover, it makes the property stand out! What better way to create a lasting impression than to have your house professionally painted? You can decide on a color that will work best for aesthetic appeal, along with curb appeal. Plus, it can blend in nicely with the landscape.

Trust Five Star Painting With the Job

It helps to consider all that goes into home exterior painting. Each house is different, but here is an idea of all that Five Star Painting can cover:

• Exterior siding

• Trim and doors

• Soffits

• Porches

• Decks

• Fencing, posts, and railings

• Stairs

• Garage

• Sheds

• Outbuildings

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This Is Your Chance to Be Different

It is a good idea to take a look at the neighboring houses in your area to compare and contrast their colors when deciding on yours. You want your home to be different than those right next door. Even though neutral colors such as gray, white, tan, and brown are commonly safe options, consider including some bold accents used on the trim and doors to make yours pop!

Protect and Improve Your Investment

You have invested a lot of money into your home. You want to protect both the value and the structure to make the most out of that investment. Having your house professionally painted can add to the value of your home. In addition, a quality exterior paint job adds a layer of protection from the harsh elements. A fresh coat of exterior paint can keep your residence safe from weather damage, insects, dirt, and dust.

Correct Small Flaws and Bruises

It is easy to rely on the home’s building envelope to perform all the time. It is often not until we get a closer look, such as in preparing a house for exterior painting, that we might notice mold or mildew stains, indicating some wood rot. Weakened paint that allows deterioration is another reason to support having the house painted. Such issues are not difficult to repair with professional painting contractors on the job.

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