Interior Painting Services

Years of wear and tear may have you feeling down about the interior of your home. If you're considering a change to spruce up your living space, consider giving your rooms a new paint job. You can make rooms look larger, cleaner, or even more modern with new paint colors. Five Star Painting can offer suggestions based on your decor, and we can then come in and provide a professional interior painting job.

Details to Think About When Painting Your Interiors

Color is probably the single most important factor when you're thinking about painting your interiors. Before you decide on the colors of each room, spread the paint on a white poster board and look at it in both sunlight and shadows. Another detail to think about when you call Five Star Painting is the type of finish you'd like. Satin and gloss finishes are very different from matte finishes, for example. We'll help you choose if you're just not sure.

When it's time to give the interiors of your home in Five Star Painting of Monroe a brand-new look, call us at (609) 201-0879. We can give you a professional paint job.

Why Working With Professionals Is Important

It's true that you can paint your interiors yourself. However, there are key details and safety factors that you may miss or skimp on. Prepping, for example, is extremely important. At Five Star Painting, we work with painting contractors who will remove stains and dirt before any painting begins. In addition, they will sand all the surfaces and fix any small damages. This means filling any cracks and holes with putty. They will also protect your floor and furnishings with drop cloths. Our goal at Five Star Painting is to give you the best possible results while being careful, efficient, and respectful.

The Interiors We Can Paint

Five Star Painting delivers years of experience painting interiors. Some of the interiors we are happy to take on include:

• Kitchens

• Dining rooms

• Living rooms

• Media rooms

• Home offices

• Bedrooms

• Basements

• Attics

• Bathrooms

If it is time to make big changes to your interiors, call Five Star Painting at (609) 201-0879 and schedule a free estimate. We'll tell you just how much you can save on painting in Five Star Painting of Monroe.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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