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Cabinet Painting Services

Revive Your Old Fixtures

It’s always tempting to tear out old, worn-out cabinets when you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen or bathroom. However, the work and money required to do so is immense. Seriously consider painting your cabinets instead. It’s a great way to breathe new life into older cupboards.

Any Cabinet, Anywhere

Although most cabinets are located in the kitchen or bathroom, Five Star Painting can work with cabinets in any area of your home. You may have various fixtures that require painting or staining in other parts of your residence as well. Don’t forget the cabinets located in your:

  • Shed
  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Office
  • Study
  • Family room

Call (240) 204-6912 today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll send someone out to give you a free estimate.

Professionals Add Value

Unfortunately, amateur efforts often produce uneven results. Cabinet painting and refinishing takes a lot of skill and experience. Rely on professionals who have been properly trained and are accustomed to performing this work on a daily basis. They know all the efficient methods of cleaning and prepping cabinets as well as how to stain or paint them properly.

Save Time and Money

Repainting or staining your cabinets will save you substantial time and money when compared to tearing them out and installing new ones. It’s also a great way to update an entire room on a reasonable budget.

Display Your Character

Selecting the color of your stain or paint will help you put your unique mark on a frequently used space such as the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a warm, old-fashioned feel or a clean, modern look, the colors and shades selected can help you achieve your vision.

Customer Satisfaction Is Important

Throughout the process, we want you to be pleased with our work. We encourage you to talk with us about any problems or concerns so we can resolve them as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is one of our key values.

Call us today at (240) 204-6912 to make your appointment for cabinet repainting.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
Our Vision

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