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Exterior Painters in Saratoga Springs

Revamp Your Home’s Face

“Put your best face forward” is a phrase that doesn’t just apply to people. When visitors come to your home, the exterior is the first thing they'll see. A house should look sharp and well-maintained to give the best first impression. When you come home today, take a look at your home’s exterior and imagine the improvement with a professional paint enhancement.

Flippers and lifelong owners alike could quickly add to the value and appeal of their homes with a smart color design. A new finish can make your home look younger and well-kept. With a broad variety of color options available, it is easy to give your place the exact look you’ve been desiring.

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Matching and Finishing Details to Consider:

  • Trim – Paint color should fit with your color design
  • Doors – Bold accent or traditional colors
  • Shutters and other features can either pop out or blend in
  • Garages and sheds should also mesh with the overall design
  • Porches and balconies – Clean whites or vibrantly highlighted

As much as you may love purple – or whichever other color has been filling your dreams as you imagine your home’s new look – it shouldn’t be the only color you select. When you look at a home, you will notice that there are almost always multiple colors present. These colors, found amongst the trim, doors, stairs and other facets, should complement each other and work to define a home’s shape, architectural time period and unique features.

Particular color combinations are often associated with certain styles or eras, such as Cape Cod, Victorian, Colonial, cottage and Mediterranean. Although you should ultimately pick whichever colors will make you happy, many do consider the original design and era of a house when selecting a color scheme so that the primary color and accents will match with the home’s shape and defining features. Neighboring homes may also maintain a certain theme, so you may want to consider how your desired look will merge with the overall neighborhood design trend.

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Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”