Bedroom Paint Colors Kids Love

Whether painting a room for a little boy or little girl, finding the perfect color is essential because it often brings out different moods and feelings. For children, it’s most often the best option to pick bright and vibrant colors that reflect their personality. Here are some popular colors you can use to brighten up your child’s room:

Light Blue

No matter the gender, a light blue is often a popular choice because it gives the children the same feeling of being outdoors. It brightens up the room, especially if it’s positioned to where the light shines through from outside. It can be used for an accent wall, or in a pattern with another color that fits the theme of the room.

Gray Tint

Gray is often a calming color that fits well with some of the modern furniture that can be found for children. It works with earthy tones and pops of bright colors — such as yellow, pink, or green — to fit either a boy or girl’s room.

Green Shades

Some colors — such as chameleon — can be the perfect option for children because it gives a vibe with other colors and adds some dimension with stuffed animals in the room. It is a good medium instead of having bright popping colors or one-dimensional shades.


A beige can be combined with so many different colors and designs, giving parents the option to add variety in the bedding, curtains, carpet, and any other elements to help brighten up the room. It also fits either gender, helping make other decisions easier.

At Five Star Painting of Staten Island, our team of professional painters can help you pick the perfect color for your child’s room. There are many colors that kids will find fun and love, but many times, the choice is specific to your child. We can help.

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