How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Staten Island Kitchen

With the upcoming holidays, many people will be hosting family and friends. One of the most popular areas for people to hang out during this time: the kitchen. Because of this, it may be time to get some work done in the home, dressing up kitchen cabinets including picking a color scheme or staining the kitchen cabinets and doors. Changing up kitchen cabinets and adding some color can be the perfect way to add much more appeal in the kitchen.

Staining & Dressing Up Cabinets

One way of changing up your kitchen and giving it the new look it needs is by staining the cabinets. This is the process of sanding off the current finish, wiping off any dust particles, sanding again, and then staining it to create a like-new finish and protecting the wood. The kitchen cabinets will have a real-wood appeal and give the kitchen a fresh new look to go with some new color schemes.

If you don’t want to stain the kitchen cabinets, but still have a fresh look, you can consider painting them or trying some new designs on them. Finding perfect colors to match the rest of the room can be very beneficial.

Painting the Rest of the Kitchen

Along with your newly restored cabinets, you can use some of the popular colors to give your backsplash and other areas of the kitchen a new look as well. If you have stained your cabinets, some light colors and whites would blend well with the new wood finish. If you have had your cabinets painted, you can trim them with contrasting colors or paint the walls to match. This will be sure to catch the eyes of your visitors and have them talking about your kitchen.

At Five Star Painting of Staten Island, we know your needs and we always aim to achieve your goals. Your kitchen should be a reflection of yourself, and our team wants to help you with whatever colors you want to dress up your cabinets and walls.

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