Top Bedroom Paint Trends of 2016

For homeowners looking to add a little flair to their bedrooms, it may be time to add some new paint to it. While most people have their favorite colors or are set in their ways with painting white, there are some options that people should consider to add some additional colors. Start with the favorite color, and add one of these top trending colors of the year.


One of the color trends becoming popular for bedrooms is gray. This allows for a bit of a darker room so other colors can pop. It doesn’t have to be a really dark color, but it is a good option to have with some of the favorite colors people have. Find the perfect gray for you and either do the whole room, or stick with an accent wall.


A darker shade of blue used for an accent wall can help you improve the room. You can add in other colors, such as black, white, brown, gray, or even some brighter colors to make things pop. This is a bold color that fits well with many different kinds of bedding, curtains, and carpet. Bright colors mixed in will give a unique room with which you can be happy.


Because it provides both warm and cool elements, green is the perfect color many bedrooms. It has a wide range of tints and shades, allowing homeowners to pick the perfect mixture of colors. A lighter green along with some darker shades, or a modern and eclectic style can be the best option, especially when mixed with the right curtains or carpet.

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