Signs You Need to Repaint Your Staten Island Home

If you own an older Staten Island home, there may be some of the regular wear and tear. This is especially true with the paint of the home which, over time, can begin to chip, crack, and pull away from the walls. As a homeowner, there are certain signs that you should be sure to look out for in order to determine if your home is in need of a new paint job.

Paint Peeling from the Wall

As time goes on, paint tends to wear, causing it to peel away from the wall. If this happens, it can expose portions of the home’s structure, which if damaged, can be more difficult and expensive to repair. If you notice that your home’s paint is peeling, take the time to repaint your home to avoid other potential issues.

Fading Colors

Paint is one of the most aesthetically appealing parts of your home. It is something that a lot of people notice when you’re entertaining, so when the color is fading, it can lower the value of the home. If you notice the color starting to fade, consider repainting the home to brighten the home back up and bring the colors to life.

Outdated Colors

Older homes that have never been updated can lose its luster over time, straying away from the modern design aspects many people enjoy today. Updating the paint color in your home can increase the value of your home if you intend to sell or help you enjoy your home more when entertaining.

When you notice specific signs that it is time to repaint your home, you want to ensure that you get the best possible service and highest quality paint job. Five Star Painting of Staten Island understands the needs of our customers in the area and we want to provide the quality service you deserve. If your home needs repainting, our professional Staten Island painters can help.

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