Choosing the Best Colors for the Kitchen

Any time a homeowner thinks of painting their home or building in any way, one of the longest parts of the process is determining exactly what color is best for the home. When painting a kitchen, this can become even more complicated due to various factors such as the countertops, appliances, and more. There are some ways you can be sure that you are choosing the best color to fit your Staten Island kitchen, though, and our professional painters can help you make the choice.

How’s the Lighting?

One of the factors that can help you decide on a color is the lighting in the kitchen. If it’s an open kitchen with a lot of natural light, some bright colors can make the rest of the kitchen stand out. If your appliances are dark, but you still have good lighting, you may choose to match the darkness with the paint color.

What’s Your Mood?

People spend most of the time in the kitchen in the morning and at night. This means the color often has the ability to impact your mood early in the day and before you go to bed. Whatever you desire for your mood should influence your color choice. Energetic colors are always a good touch.

What Other Colors Are There?

Part of making sure your kitchen has the best paint color possible is understanding what complements other colors as well. For instance, if you have an island with specific countertops or your cabinets are a unique color, consider matching them with the walls. Also check your appliances and if the kitchen opens up to the dining room, it may be best to mesh those colors in as well.

Our professional painters at Five Star Painting of Staten Island can help you choose the right color for your kitchen. We provide free estimates so you can better understand exactly what to expect when we come to your home. We are experienced and have been trusted by countless homeowners in the area to get the job done right.

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