Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinet resurfacing is becoming an increasingly popular option when renovating kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. Many modern homeowners even consider replacement to be wasteful when the existing cabinets are fundamentally sound. Cabinet replacement is a better option because it:

• Costs less

• Takes less time to complete

• Minimizes disruptions

• Is more environmentally friendly

• Gives you far more creative options

Meticulous Preparation

A lot more goes into cabinet refinishing than just slapping on a fresh coat of paint or stain. We'll provide an inspection of the existing cabinets and a design consultation, including a color consultation. If the cabinets require any minor repairs, that carpentry is performed first. The surfaces are then prepped to ensure that the finish is beautiful and lasts. While the exact steps can vary, they often include:

• Priming

• Caulking

• Sanding

• Scraping

• Hardware removal

• Multiple coats

Solid wood cabinets are an excellent candidate to be refinished, but that is not the only material we can paint. Five Star Painting works with many kinds of materials. Call (609) 375-0076 to learn more.

Which Rooms Are Candidates?

While kitchens and bathrooms are the most obvious candidates because they usually feature cabinets, they are not the only possibilities. We can paint and prep cabinets in practically any room in your home where we could perform other painting services. Examples of spaces we often work in include:

• Garages

• Bedrooms

• Game rooms

• Home offices

• Vanities

• Home theaters

Is This Technique Limited to Cabinets?

No! We paint many kinds of cabinets, including framed and frameless, along with the cabinet doors and drawers in addition to the frames. The painting contractors we work with are also able to apply these methods to many similar surfaces, and these include:

• Closet storage

• Counter islands

• Attached shelving

• Integrated storage

• Freestanding shelves

Before you decide to replace your cabinets or scrap the project altogether, give us a chance to show you why refacing is a great option. Book your in-home consultation online or call (609) 375-0076 today.

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